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Suffolk Downs takes stock of fairgrounds for the future
"Great Barrington looms as the East Boston track's best hope of keeping horses running — and preserving its simulcasting operation."
horseracing  massachusetts  suffolk-downs  great-barrington 
5 days ago by jnchapel
Top humanities school loaded with money
university  massachusetts 
9 days ago by cldwalker
Massachusetts' multipronged policy approach spurs distributed energy storage | Utility Dive
Massachusetts is a leader in the deployment of distributed energy storage in America, due to forward-thinking legislative approaches and other measures aimed at unlocking the full potential of the resource, analysts told Utility Dive.
utilitydive  massachusetts  cleanenergy  storage 
10 days ago by eversourcenh
Horse racing could be back on track at Great Barrington Fairgrounds
"... while the company waits for lawmakers, a racetrack construction specialist will visit the fairgrounds in the coming weeks to examine the possibility of restoring the track surface, and engineers and architects will assess the property."
horseracing  massachusetts  suffolk-downs  great-barrington 
11 days ago by jnchapel

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