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Spider-Man proposal story
Reality behind that creepy story of a marriage proposal in a videogame
games  spiderman  marriage  gamergate 
6 days ago by nelson
Working on Your Relationship During Courtship—Really?! | Psychology Today
When you and your partner are in love and fervently wish that your romance end in marriage, your behaviors will be as agreeable, accommodating, and accepting as you can make them.
7 days ago by csglenn
Arranged Marriage
Words:18.196, When Reid decides to leave the BAU due to his painful crush on Hotchner, the man proposes an extreme way to avoid him leaving or them breaking the fraternization rules- by proposing.
재밌다. 결혼 시작은 좀 어리둥절할수 있지만 꽤 잘 설명되었고 흥미로웠다. 둘의 대화같은 것도 진짜 동료같은 느낌 들어서 좋다.
VincentMeoblinn  CM  hotchner/reid  NC-17  middle  humor  bottom!reid  top!hotchner  marriage  schmoop  first-time 
8 days ago by engfordean
The Royal Decree by haganenoheichou [Archive of Our Own]
The King orders all those of age to get married by the end of the month. Erwin corners Levi into making a decision the two of them will either come to regret... Or maybe not. Features forced marriage, possible Mpreg (not alpha-omega), and a tragic past for Levi.

[well-written, though I wasnt a big fan of the ending]
60k-70k  a.haganenoheichou  mpreg  marriage  levi/erwin  1808  attackontitan 
9 days ago by pastself
mr houdini you're a freakshow
"Shut up," Foggy says, embarrassed for himself and also Foggy-in-the-video, holy shit. Oh, and there goes a return kiss. On the cheek, thank God, so that's something - that means Foggy can still control himself a little bit no matter how falling down drunk he is. Stupid enough to get married to his best friend, not stupid enough to actually try making out with said best friend. That. That's way too wet for a kiss on the cheek, for all that Matt-in-the-video is cackling with apparent glee.

You can't plea bargain out of marriage, Foggy. Consider yourself guilty as charged.
daredevil  canon  au  romance  first!time  marriage  10000-29999  humor  angst  sweet 
9 days ago by popkin16
Video game proposal
... gone wrong. Most hilarious thing I've read all weekend
games  marriage  funny  via:reddit 
9 days ago by nelson

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