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During the , the , using our tax dollars, advertise their battle prowess. “Battles won,” they say, as t…
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10 weeks ago by jstenner
U.S. forces conduct live-fire exercise in southern Syria in a warning to Russia
U.S. Marines conducted a live-fire aerial assault exercise in southern Syria on Friday designed to warn Russian and other military forces to stay away from an American base there // Good God.
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september 2018 by yorksranter
train Down Under!
fire an M777 Howitzer during training at Training Area, .
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august 2018 by jcoffey42
Stick the landing!

with the 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit fast-rope from an MV-22 Osprey aboard…
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april 2018 by jcoffey42
Marines’ love affair with 3D printing: small is cheap, and beautiful • Breaking Defense
Sydney Freedberg:
<p>Why are the Marines in love with 3D printing? Like most romances, it starts with the small things, things too small for the conventional supply system to manage, like a two-cent plastic button that preempts a $11,000 repair. Big defense contractors, take notice.

“There’s an intercom in most helicopters,” said Gen. Robert Neller, commandant of the Marine Corps. Ground-pounders like him tend to hit the buttons too hard and break them. But the Pentagon supply system doesn’t deal in replacing individual buttons. “You’ve got to buy the whole faceplate of the intercom,” Neller said. “It costs $11,000.”

The only hitch? The parts weren’t approved for installation on an aircraft. “I said, put the button on,” Neller told the National Defense Industrial Association last week. “Print a bag of them and hang them there.”

Neller’s No. 2, Gen. Glenn Walters, has his own longtime love affair with 3D printing. His favorite anecdote is a Marine Corps tank unit that had six 70-ton M1 Abrams tanks idled because of a broken impeller fan needed to clear the air filter. Ordering a single spare fan through the normal system would cost $1,400 and take 18 months. Instead, Walters said, a young female sergeant in the 1st Maintenance Battalion took the initiative to find a contractor “who could 3D print that thing for about $300 dollars and delivered all of them in seven days.”

“My eyes are watering with what our young people can do right now,” Walters told the McAleese/Credit Suisse conference last week. “I have an engineering background, but I’m telling you, some of these 21- and 22-year-olds are well ahead of me.”</p>

As they should be. 3D printing finding its place: low-cost replacement.
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march 2018 by charlesarthur
RT : Frozen badger don’t care! 🦡
Keeping calm and collected is what these trained for during exercise Frozen B…
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march 2018 by jcoffey42

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