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What 3 Words? Jog on mate!
The website notes that "Address data is essential infrastructure". Geography underpins so much of the data we collect and is collected about us, making address registers important parts of national data infrastructure. In the UK we've been wrestling with the fact that our address register is not open for many years. After the decision to sell…
address  maps  mapping  geodata  what3words 
12 hours ago by garrettc
How I Created a HeatMap of my Location History with JavaScript & Google Maps
I’m certainly not the first one to want to create a HeatMap of my location history, but nothing on the internet was quite what I was looking for… So I decided to build my own. A few hours later, I had a working prototype, and after some tweaks it’s now up on GitHub for anyone to use!
google  mapping  How-to 
yesterday by jasonsamuels
MapHub · Create interactive maps
MapHub was created by Zsolt Ero because of his frustration with Google Maps' UI and the extremely closed attitude it has towards data. It's built on OpenStreetMap and aims to make sharing maps as simple as sharing YouTube videos, while offering GitHub like collaboration for teams.
2 days ago by gwijthoff
Fantasy World Creator
Fantasy World Creator + APP: Modular tiles for TABLETOP RPG
Write your adventure with the included APP, create maps and make them live with creatures token. REPRINTED and UPDATED VERSION
dnd  rpg  tool  mapping 
3 days ago by fozbaca

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