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Multivariate Map Collection - Jim Vallandingham
But what if you have multiple variables that you would like to present on a map at the same time?

Here is my attempt to collect examples of multivariate maps I’ve found and organize them into a loose categorization. Follow along, or dive into the references, to spur on your own investigations and inspirations!
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18 hours ago by twwoodward
RT : shows how much each country contributes to and receives from .
EU  Map  from twitter_favs
yesterday by shawnday
The correcting the US state borders must be one of the funniest maps out there! Please let me know…
map  from twitter_favs
yesterday by shawnday
Learn Anything
Welcome to Learn Anything, the platform for knowledge discovery that helps you understand any topic through the most efficient paths, as voted by the community
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yesterday by scotu
Cycling holidays and bike rental in Mallorca, Spain - Tramuntana Tours
Cycling Routes
Wondering where to ride? The following is a selection of possible rides starting from Puerto Soller
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2 days ago by tim.dublin

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