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Thesis | Ride every road that calls you
A premium carbon gravel bike for any road. Learn more at
bike  manufacturer  gravel 
7 days ago by dholland
Rossum Electro-Music creates uniquely powerful tools for electronic music production. Driven by the creative and technological vision of electronic music pioneer Dave Rossum, Rossum Electro-Music is the culmination of Dave’s 45 years of designing industry-defining instruments and transformative technologies. Starting with his co-founding of E-mu Systems, Dave provided the technological leadership that resulted in what many consider the premier professional modular synthesizer system. Today, Dave and Rossum Electro-Music are building on that 45 year history to bring a new level of creativity, innovation, and quality to the electronic musicians, producers and sound designers of the 21st century.
synth  modular  eurorack  digital  unique  dsp  manufacturer 
25 days ago by rsewan
Quality Sewing Machines | Sew Machine Equipment | Sewing | Cutting | Pressing | Embroidery Industries | CONSEW
Manufacturer of Consew brand industrial sewing machines, motors, irons, cutters and specialized sewing equipment.
sewing  manufacturer 
6 weeks ago by callmeavis
Wibeee - Ahorra en tu factura controlando el consumo energético.
Smilics Technologies es una empresa tecnológica que diseña y fabrica soluciones completas de hardware y software para la monitorización y gestión del consumo eléctrico en cualquier tipo de instalación, desde el hogar hasta la gran industria.
Tanto el centro de I+D como la fábrica de los equipos electrónicos está situado en Terrassa, cerca de Barcelona.

Bajo la marca WIBEEE, comercializamos nuestras soluciones patentadas por todo el mundo, atendiendo tanto a clientes particulares como a grandes corporaciones internacionales.

- WIBEEE HOME - Ahorra en tu factura de la luz, controlando el consumo de cada aparato eléctrico de tu hogar.

- WIBEEE BUSINESS - Mejora la rentabilidad de tu empresa, controlando el consumo energético, gracias a Wibeee.

Nuestra filosofía es la de “hazlo fácil”. Una dilatada experiencia como fabricantes de equipos de medida, así como desarrolladores de software, garantiza una experiencia de uso fluida y agradable.
Electricity  monitoring  efficiency  RealTime  OnLine  SmartMeter  iot  energy  SmartGrid  Manufacturer  ES 
9 weeks ago by abetancort
Yongkang DECE industry & Trade Co., Ltd. was founded in 2010, is located in the hardware capital - Yongkang, is a collection of scientific research, development, production, sales, service as one of the integrated enterprise.

Our company has advanced production equipment, perfect testing methods and quality assurance system.

Our staff has a strong sense of responsibility. Vast enterprise market, the United States, the European market, East South Asia and other places.

We have the spirit of "truth-seeking, innovation, high efficiency" team spirit, to participate in the fierce competition in the market, first-class product quality, preferential price, satisfactory sales service, to win your support and trust.

We are willing to Sihai friends, colleagues from all walks of life to join hands for common development. Enterprise mission: -- Based on the bicycle industry, pioneering and enterprising.
electric  scooters  bicycle  Battery  Lead-Acid  Manufacturer  Wholesale  eCommerce  EN  CN 
march 2019 by abetancort
Through relentless efforts in R&D, and responding dynamically to demands from the biometric security market, NITGEN is rapidly becoming the leader in biometric application/technology markets. NITGEN has developed , and now offers, advanced biometric authentication solutions, which would not have been possible without the core technologies for fingerprint recognition solutions that NITGEN has.

A compact size fingerprint recognition sensor has been developed using NITGEN’s unique Optical design technology , and it has almost zero image distortion. Therefore , it can capture ant fingerprint clearly, making it possible to verify fingerprints quickly and accurately. NITGEN has been producing fingerprint recognition sensors since 1999, and today, NITGEN is capable of manufacturing 1,000,000 units annually. NITGEN acquired both the ISO9001 and ISO14001 in January, 2001 thereby proving our customer-oriented quality and the environment management

The quality of NITGEN’S products is attested to by the international prizes and certifications awarded to our original fingerprint recognition technology. NITGEN ‘s main product lines include hardware application products such as household door locks and access control systems, as well as various types of SDK for hardware developers. As part of the international standardization movement in the biometric application/technology industry, NITGEN has developed an SDK that meets the BioAPI international standards, making it the first of its kind in Korea. NITGEN is also active as an opinion leader in the domestic standardization movement.
Wholesale  Manufacturer  KO  FingerPrint  scanner  Security  WorkHourControl  EN 
march 2019 by abetancort
N-38D TIME MANAGEMENT AND DOOR ACCESS CONTROL Fingerprint Door Access Kuala Lumpur (KL), Malaysia. Supplier, Supplies, Provider | Nigen Technology Sdn Bhd
Nigen Technology Sdn Bhd - N-38D TIME MANAGEMENT AND DOOR ACCESS CONTROL Fingerprint Door Access Kuala Lumpur (KL), Malaysia. Supplier, Supplies, Provider, We are specialize in door access system, office equipment supplies, and fingerprint & RFID time attendance.
Wholesale  Manufacturer  MY  FingerPrint  scanner  Security  WorkHourControl  EN 
march 2019 by abetancort
D-Orbit | New Space Solutions
Some sort of newspace sat maker, contracted with Firefly for 15 launches
newspace  satellite  cubesat  manufacturer  space 
march 2019 by asteroza

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