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Alabama Medicaid Manuals
Alabama Medicaid Manuals
Provider Billing Manuals, Other Manuals

Provider Manuals, 2019 and earlier years, updated quarterly

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3 days ago by Cloudwalker
DED – Directory-Editor
«This is a long-term project. I originally began in 1984, enhancing a version of dired (a program in C, written by Jay Lepreau) while at the ITT Advanced Technology Center. There is some dispute over whether that dired is based on the emacs mode introduced around the same time (1980) or the reverse (since neither program's documentation at the time credited the other), but it is indisputable that both were inspired by an earlier stand-alone program running on Tenex available in the Stanford AI Lab (SAIL) in 1978.»
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6 weeks ago by brennen
simplehuman | foam cartridge sensor pump
(This seems to be the help page for Simple Human’s automatic foaming soap dispenser, but there seems to be no manual in sight?)
simplehuman  soap  manuals  2019 
7 weeks ago by handcoding
DiskStation DS418play | Synology Inc.
This is the official page for the DS418play NAS that I have. It has the ofificial specs, a link to the Download Center, performance benchmarks, etc.
synology  manuals 
8 weeks ago by darkwater

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