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Tilt Brush Release Notes - Google Docs
documentation for how to take 360 video from tiltbrush
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6 days ago by SarahPS
/chapter: About-Thunderbird / THUNDERBIRD
"This manual was started by the team at FLOSS Manuals, and evolved during a two-day Book Sprint at Toronto Open Source Week 2010 held at Seneca College in Toronto, Canada. The sprint was a collaborative effort by FLOSS Manuals and Mozilla Messaging.

Scott Nesbitt did the organization for the event with considerable assistance from Chris Tyler (Seneca College), Beth Agnew (Seneca College) and Adam Hyde.

Blake Winton (Thunderbird Hacker at Mozilla Messaging) also attended.

Around 20 writers, including a number of students from Seneca College's Technical Communications program, collaborated in virtual and real space to produce a book in two days! In addition to original content, material was reused from the excellent Thunderbird Support Knowledge Base."
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12 days ago by eric.brechemier

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