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Christchurch shootings: The rising new threat of far-right violence - BBC News
Cultural references
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'White genocide' conspiracy theory
The bizarre conception of a monolithic genetic "white" culture under worldwide attack is a mainstay of the alt-right - although most of the amorphous movement's leaders would outwardly denounce specific acts of violence like the attack in Christchurch.
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Small Technology – Aral Balkan
These criteria mean that Small Tech:

Is owned and controlled by individuals, not corporations or governments.

Respects, protects, and reinforces the integrity of personhood, human rights, social justice, and democracy in the digital and networked age.

Encourages hitherto impractical non-hierarchial political organisation and agency at scale.

Nurtures a healthy commons.

Is sustainable.

Will one day be funded from the commons, for the common good.

Will never make anyone a billion dollars.
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Church of the SubGenius - Wikipedia
The Church of the SubGenius is a "parody religion"[citation needed] organization that satirizes religion, conspiracy theories, unidentified flying objects, and popular culture.
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