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Atlassian Team Playbook - Team Building Activities that Work
The best way to start is by establishing a baseline for your team's health: where you're at, how you got here, and what to do next. We're talkin' the holistic, 360º picture.
agile  culture  management  process  team 
3 hours ago by danielpi
Best 10 Interview Questions for Managers to Hire Exceptional Employee
Want to learn the best interview questions for managers so you can hire the right job candidates this time? Here're the best questions to ask and the interview questions to avoid.
management  hiring 
6 hours ago by kger
The Good and the Bad of Motivating Your Team with Stretch Goals
Stretch goals are risky, but have a large possible return on investment. Are they right for your team? Here's a guide on how to set good stretch goals to motivate your team.
6 hours ago by kger
The Games Industry is Toxic · Austin Kelmore
"We tell ourselves that the industry has to be this way in order to create the amazing games we all love. We tell ourselves this because the alternative is absolutely terrifying. If games could be made without all of the pain, suffering, and abuse… then that means we chose that path ourselves. We chose to suffer not because we had to, but because we wanted to.

Let me be clear: when I say we, I mean the people who lead companies - executives, managers, and senior employees. We are the people most responsible for how our industry functions because we have the power. We make the decisions to hire and fire, we pay the salaries, we teach others the ways we make games, and we exhibit the cultural norms that others follow. We have that responsibility whether or not we want it."
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13 hours ago by ssam
Netflix's container platform.
aws  docker  management 
14 hours ago by dmdavis
GitHub apps that help engineering managers get their job done.
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14 hours ago by program247365
Home Select
For more than 14 years (under the name Spain Select) we've been the trusted service for people seeking to list, discover and reserve a selection of handpicked, professionally-managed and fully-serviced boutique properties across Spain
ES  MAD  Luxury  eCommerce  IBZ  Travel  Flats  Management  Spain  eBooking  UIX  Rental  Short-Term  Villas  WebPortal  O2G  Platform  Apartment 
15 hours ago by abetancort

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