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Steve Jobs’ secret for eliciting questions, overheard at a San Francisco cafe • Medium
Andy Raskin overheard a "famous CEO" (from a famous-brand internet company) talking to a Young CEO who was puzzled by why people said he wasn't open to being questioned, when he insisted he was. Turns out that saying "Any questions?" is the wrong question:
<p>“In the early 2000s,” Famous CEO said, “Jobs was splitting his time between Apple and Pixar. He would spend most days at Apple, but then he would parachute into Pixar. He would have to figure out where his attention was needed really fast, so he would arrange sessions with all the different teams—the Cars team, the technology team, whatever—so there were a dozen or so people in each one. Then he would point to one person in each session and say:

<em>Tell me what’s not working at Pixar.</em>

Famous CEO continued: “That person might offer something like, ‘The design team isn’t open to new technology we’re building.’ Jobs would ask others if they agreed. He would then choose someone else and say:

<em>Tell me what’s working at Pixar.</em>

According to Famous CEO, Jobs would alternate between the two questions until he felt like he had a handle on what was going on.

Famous CEO said he ran sessions like these with his own teams every few months. He advised Young CEO to “never invite VPs” (i.e., team leaders) to the sessions, since subordinates might feel intimidated and share less freely. Instead, Famous CEO would commit, after collecting issues, to discussing them with the VP in charge, who would be responsible for following up.</p>

I've also heard that Bill Gates would insist that everyone who came to him should bring at least some bad news. He didn't want to hear just about what was going well; he wanted to know the trouble too.
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Edward Barakat
Actual customer. Said he paid 3 weeks ago...he paid a week ago. Lol...
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Learning to let go as a design leader, part 1 (Designing Atlassian)
Отличная статья Alastair Simpson о трёх стадиях роста дизайн-менеджера: первый опыт управления дизайнерами, управление другими дизайн-менеджерами и работа с целым портфелем продуктов. Он даёт советы по тому, как грамотно вести себя на каждом из них. Часть 2 ―
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Team Health Monitors for building high-performing teams
The Health Monitor is for all teams – period. Whether your team is high-performing, or deeply dysfunctional; no matter your level, function, or industry.

Part cure, part preventative medicine, the Health Monitor is your team's chance to listen to each other and take an honest look in the mirror. You'll assess against eight attributes common among healthy teams, and walk away with a better understanding of your strengths (plus plans to address your weak spots).
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