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Friday Night at the ER
A Team-Learning Simulation Game
For group sizes 4 to 200+
Friday Night at the ER challenges teams to manage patient flow in a busy hospital during a simulated 24-hour period.
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11 hours ago by mandarine
Zenkit | A project management tool that grows with you
Welcome to Min Zen.
The platform for your ideas, your team, your projects, your business.
A platform for collaboration and project management, Zenkit is the home for your ideas, your projects, your business. Let your data grow with you.
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16 hours ago by mandarine
The Guard – Rands in Repose
After 10 minutes, a New Guard engineer, Jordan raises her hand and asks, “Can we go around the table and introduce ourselves?” It is this moment that makes this meeting memorable.
business  culture  management 
yesterday by randommind

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