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German nuclear plant infected with computer viruses, operator says
Hypponen said he had recently spoken to a European aircraft maker that said it cleans the cockpits of its planes every week of malware designed for Android phones. The malware spread to the planes only because factory employees were charging their phones with the USB port in the cockpit.
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4 hours ago by yorksranter
The state of Mac malware - Malwarebytes Labs | Malwarebytes Labs
Mac users are often told that they don’t need antivirus software, because there are no Mac viruses. However, this is not true at all, as Macs actually are affected by malware, and have been for most of their existence. Even the first well-known virus—Elk Cloner—affected Apple computers rather than MS-DOS computers.
In 2018, the state of Mac malware has evolved, with more and more threats targeting these so-called impervious machines. We have already seen four new Mac threats appear. The first of these, OSX.MaMi, was discovered on our forums by someone who had had his DNS settings changed and was unable to change them back.
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19 hours ago by rgl7194
Allergic to Phish – Recognizing Phishing Messages
While phishing-related malware is still mostly Windows targeting, attacks that rely purely on social engineering and fake web sites might be delivered by any platform, including smartphones and tablets. The more cautious you are, the better informed you are, and the more you think before you click, the more chance you have of leaving phishing craft stranded.
This an updated and expanded version of advice that I’ve given many times in blog articles, white papers and conference papers. I’m not resurrecting it with reference to any particular phish (though I’m seeing an interesting selection of Apple-ID-targeting phishing mails at the moment), but because in the course of a conversation I had on a social media site, I promised to generate an update: sadly, there’s a continuing need for (hopefully) reliable advice on phishing.
Note that phishing is by no means restricted to email messages, but most of the advice given here also applies to other messaging media such as direct messaging in social media and instant messaging applications. Then there are telephone scams, but they probably deserve an article of their own, given the range of unpleasantness they cover.
The hope here is that the advice given here will make it a little easier to recognize a probably phish message. It’s probably inevitable that I’ll offer more information than some people will want – it’s an occupational hazard among security professionals – but there’s a summary of the most important points in the Conclusion. However, the more detailed content should be of use to people and organizations using this material as the basis for educational and training initiatives, for instance.
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19 hours ago by rgl7194
is one of the few analysis tools that also shows delay-loaded imported functions
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20 hours ago by blackthorne
Around 5% of All Monero Currently in Circulation Has Been Mined Using Malware
At least 5% of all the Monero cryptocurrency currently in circulation has been mined using malware, and about 2% of the total daily hashrate comes from devices infected with cryptocurrency-mining malware.
These numbers are the results of in-depth research of the coin-mining malware scene by security researchers from Palo Alto Networks.

The report, released yesterday, has analyzed 629,126 malware samples that have been detected as part of coin-mining operations. The research didn't analyze in-browser miners (cryptojackers), but only traditional malware families that infected desktops and servers since June last year, when there was a significant spike in coin-mining operations.
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yesterday by nicoladagostino
4 Ways to Protect Your Business from Phishing
Don’t let phishing attempts compromise your network!
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4 days ago by Adventure_Web - URL scanner is a service for scanning URLs and detecting web-based malware. Providing detailed information about the browsers activity while visiting an site.
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6 days ago by jbrok
BlueGadgetTooth Online Security | Antivirus & Anti-Malware Software
Explanation of antivirus and malware software (and reviews comparing them head-to-head) which is intended to be intelligible to novices as well as better-informed users.
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6 days ago by chrismyth

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