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What made it so noteworthy was not the fact that the stencil, done by the talented Sarah Mohanna Al Abdali, expressed a feeling that we shared. It was, quite simply, the fact that it was out there on the street, in public rather than private in our thoughts. When a statement is brought to the public discussion table, an interactive dialogue is empowered which is otherwise evaded. And, what is more important than the statement being expressed, is the conversation itself. A conversation we should have had long before a regrettable and unnecessary project such as the “Mecca Clock Royal Tower Hotel” was approved.
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april 2012 by Kawthar
عناصر الحضارة في الحرمين | مدونة الشباب يتحدث
RT : جديد مدونة الشباب يتحدث مقال "عناصر الحضارة في الحرمين" بقلم أحمد صبري
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march 2011 by alfarhan

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