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Propeller Health | Leading digital therapeutics company
Propeller provides small sensors that easily attach to the inhalers you already have. The sensors track your medication usage so you don't have to.
asthma  medical  device  health  makers 
2 days ago by cyberchucktx
Watch These Makers Transform a Wheelchair into an Interactive Bumblebee Costume
Alex is a 16 year old boy who loves cars, making music, and the Transformers movies. Alex has global hypotonia which makes it hard to control his muscles and requires the use of a wheelchair. Bumblebee is an epic costume for Alex’s chair that is interactive, with multiple types of inputs for Alex, and a big sound system and lots of LEDs. This is the story of how we turned this chair into a transformer!
makemagazine  makers 
9 days ago by liberatr
Upcycled Hour @ UPCollective
I was taken by surprise because I discovered literally hundreds if not thousands of these artisans working in the world of creative reuse. But they had no support, nowhere to go for advice, promotion, networking opportunities, information or inspiration. So it was in September 2014 that the very first Twitter hour for professional upcyclers took place - #UpcycledHour. Fast forward to today and the Twitter hour has evolved into a fully fledged platform for the support and promotion of professional upcycling with our own consortium of artisans: the Upcycled Hour UPCollective, a Directory of Professional Upcyclers, an inspiration Library, our Facebook Forum, Upcycled Hour Live in Brighton, social events, The Edit (a collection of our members' products curated into an online brochure), a directory of workshops hosted by the Collective, the UPCollective Catalogue page on Facebook and more
recycling  upcycling  reuse  green  makers 
12 days ago by cyberchucktx
A maker revolution in health care @ TEDMED - YouTube
MakerNurse Co-Founder Anna Young describes how she is bringing rapid prototyping tools into hospital units to enhance the natural, do-it-yourself problem solving abilities of nurses who innovate to improve patient care on a daily basis.
ted  tedmed  medicine  diy  makers  youtube  video  makerspaces  makernurse  makerhealth  health 
13 days ago by cyberchucktx
Maker Health: A community of health makers and medical making projects.
Using tools, a mindset, and an engaged community, we build the health making capabilities of these people and institutions so that everyone can create healthcare technology. MakerHealth is a company dedicated to amplifying the creativity of these health makers.
healthcare  medical  diy  makers  health  makerspaces 
13 days ago by cyberchucktx
Volunteers Help Build Tables for Homes Affected by Harvey by ats906 - TXRX Labs
This past weekend, volunteers and TXRX members worked together to build dining room tables to give to families affected by hurricane Harvey.

As part of the TXRX Labs Crafters for Good initiative, TXRX has invited volunteers to join them in building and finishing furniture for those who lost items in recent floods. During these makeathons, volunteers assist skilled craftsmen to build basic furniture for Houston families. This includes working in both the welding and wood shops.
txrxlabs  houston  makers  acdtivism  socialnetworking 
14 days ago by cyberchucktx
14 Best Online Electronics Stores for Makers
The following online stores are the ones we found to be most focused on the Maker and DIY world. Includes SparkFun, Adafruit, and Polulu.
online  electronics  stores  diy  makers  article 
20 days ago by cyberchucktx - Community of readers and learners
We read non-fiction books everyday for 10 to 30 minutes and share the lessons learned with each other.
makers  accountability  reading  habits  communities  telegram  IDoneThis_esque  learning  wipchat_copycat 
26 days ago by skinnymuch
Maker's Kitchen - #1 Slack Community for Indie Product Makers
A Free Slack Community for Indie Product Makers to discuss their products and build collaboratively
product_hunt  slack  makers  communities 
26 days ago by skinnymuch
We are a community of makers who help each other ship product.

I think this site is the first
pricey  IDoneThis_esque  accountability  makers  communities  original  paid  wipchat_copycat 
26 days ago by skinnymuch
ShipFast - Your Users Are Waiting
The World's Easiest & Simplest Project Management Tool -- seems more like a project manager than or makerlog. Like it's a hybrid way with more focus on project management. Still nice for marketing and transparency and not pricey, but this is for later as well.
freemium  wipchat_copycat  IDoneThis_esque  accountability  communities  makers 
26 days ago by skinnymuch
Mindful Makers
A community of makers and creators trying to find their way in life. -- Seems dumb to have to pay $10/mo for a Telegram community only. Maybe worth it when side projects are a heavier focus
makers  IDoneThis_esque  accountability  telegram  communities  paid  trial  wipchat_copycat 
26 days ago by skinnymuch

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