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MobileRead Forums - View Single Post - Kindle 4th gen non-touch not responding to SSH
You do have to set the IP up in OS X's network manager, there's no DHCP. useful settings that you need to change for kindle clock
amazon  kindle  clock  maker 
13 hours ago by dunc
(2) Literary Clock - Repurpose Your Old Kindle! - YouTube
kindle literary clock additional info on how to get the usbnetwork up and running
amazon  maker  clock 
13 hours ago by dunc
Literary Clock Made From E-reader: 6 Steps (with Pictures)
It updates every minute, so for instance at 9.23 in the evening, the Kindle will read

My father met me at the station, the dog jumped up to meet me, missed, and nearly fell in front of the 9.23pm Birmingham express.
The way I made this, the Kindle can still be used as a normal e-reader. If the clock is turned on though, as an added bonus, it doubles as a literary quiz. The clock shows the quotation without the title and author of the book, so you can guess. If you want to know the answers, pressing the buttons on the side (normally used to advance pages of e-books) will reveal them.
amazon  clock  diy  projects  maker  kindle 
13 hours ago by dunc
80/20 Inc. - T-slotted aluminum framing system
80/20 Inc. is a T-slotted aluminum framing system that is easy to build and can be reconfigured into endless projects and solutions. 80/20 can be used anywhere from home based DIY projects to heavy-duty industrial solutions.
extrusions  metalworking  maker  diy 
yesterday by vitriolix
Welcome to TinkerCAD and Beginning Lessons - YouTube
Intro to Tinkercad - very good by Michael George - TBAISD
tinkercad  mg3  tbaisd  maker  makerspace  tutorials  3dprinters 
2 days ago by amann
RT : Heading to Liverpool tomorrow to discuss emerging futures for communities in the UK and beyond at…
maker  from twitter
3 days ago by freerange_inc
Whooooo's In? (A WiFi Flip Board of Who's in the Office) -
Whooooo’s In is a prototype of the interactions between humans and their devices. It makes use of WiFi, laser cutting and open source code. Whooooo’s In tracks the presence of people in the workspace by constantly listening for WiFi signals identified by the MAC address. One MAC address is represented by one servo. When present, the servo (attached to a disc) rotates opening the eye to reveal the colours behind.
wifi  maker  visualization  ethernet 
12 days ago by dlkinney

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