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About Us | West Philly Tool Library
The West Philly Tool Library loans tools to community members so they can perform simple home maintenance, tend their yards and gardens, build furniture, start projects, and learn new skills in a safe and affordable manner. We aim to be a community resource to provide home owners, tenants, long-time residents, and newcomers with the tools (and the knowledge) they need.
philadelphia  make 
2 days ago by gwijthoff
google/kati: An experimental GNU make clone
converts your Makefile to a ninja file.
The main goal of this tool is to speed-up incremental build of Android.
make  build-system  repository 
3 days ago by slowbyte
Micro:bit Educational Foundation
How do I use micro:bit in school?

How do I use micro:bit in school?

iot  hardware  education  kids  make  diy  programming  learntocode 
3 days ago by michaelfox
Penland School of Crafts
Workshops in books, paper, clay, drawing, glass, iron, metals, photography, printmaking, letterpress, textiles, and wood in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina (filing away for future things to do)
todo  vacation  make  learn  do 
4 days ago by glass
Mage :: Mage
> Mage is a make/rake-like build tool using Go. You write plain-old go functions, and Mage automatically uses them as Makefile-like runnable targets.
go  make 
4 days ago by f440

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