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Lamson The Python SMTP Server - Hacker News
absconditus on May 16, 2009 [-]

Attacking sendmail at this point is a bit silly. There are numerous options available that don't require learning sendmail's configuration syntax.

While this project seems interesting, I'd be curious to see what its performance is like. High volumes of spam make performance a top concern.
mailserver  sendmail  smtp  python 
13 days ago by dusko
Mail (MX) Server Survey
Server Type Number of Servers Percent
Exim 507,389 57.05%
Postfix 307,010 34.52%
Sendmail 36,019 4.05%
MailEnable 19,109 2.15%
MDaemon 7,728 0.87%
Microsoft 5,047 0.57%
mailserver  sendmail  postfix  mta 
18 days ago by dusko
New RCE vulnerability impacts nearly half of the internet's email servers
Exim vulnerability lets attackers run commands as root on remote email servers.

According to a June 2019 survey of all mail servers visible on the Internet, 57% (507,389) of all email servers run Exim ( -- although different reports would put the number of Exim installations at ten times that number, at 5.4 million.
mailserver  security 
18 days ago by dusko
Giving away the secrets of 99.3% email delivery - (37signals)
How we send email
We send almost all of our outgoing email from our own servers in our data center located just outside of Chicago. We use Campaign Monitor for our mailing lists, but all of the email that’s generated by our applications is sent from our own servers.

We run three mail-relay servers running Postfix that take mail from our application and jobs servers and queue it for delivery to tens of thousands of remote mail servers, sending from about 15 unique IP addresses.

Given all this, why should we pay someone tens of thousands of dollars to do it? We shouldn't, and we don't.
mailserver  sendmail  postfix  sysadmin  postmaster 
21 days ago by dusko
Mbox Files - Can They Be "compacted"?
We have been using Maildir with courier-imap for decades, and haven’t had an issue with this. My security folder typically has 25,000+ messages for the last 7 days messages, and accessing either with IMAP or directly with mutt isn’t a problem.

I have written various scripts over the years to convert from various mail storage formats ranging from SCO’s horrible ctrl-a delimited through the U.W. IMAP, and ones that query other IMAP servers to convert their folder structures to local Maildir.

Maildir is generally very easy to handle with standard *nix command line tools. We have moved mail servers for some regional ISPs by rsync’ing with tens of thousands of email customers by rsync’ing from the old server to the new one to get the bulk of the mail across before cutting over to the new machine. Then we shut the old server down, change the DNS to point to the new one, and finally do a new rsync –delete to update the new machine. There’s a period where some deleted messages may reappear on the client’s email before the rsync is complete, but all new messages appear immediately.
mailserver  postmaster  sendmail  migration  rsync  sysadmin  howto 
28 days ago by dusko
Sisimai - Mail Analyzing Interface - GitHub
Mail Analyzing Interface: A library to parse RFC5322 bounce emails and generating structured data as JSON from parsed results.
mailserver  sendmail  postmaster  sysadmin  unix  mta  perl  ruby  bsd  linux 
28 days ago by dusko
Sisimai - Library to parse bounce mails - Mail Analyzing Interface
Sisimai is the successor of bounceHammer, is a Mail Analyzing Interface: a Perl module and a Ruby Gem for parsing RFC5322 bounce emails and for generating structured data such as JSON.
mailserver  sendmail  postmaster  sysadmin  unix  mta  perl  ruby  bsd  linux 
28 days ago by dusko
Virtual Dave
This is a wiki where I store various things that I learn or want to rant or ramble about. It isn't meant to be authoritative, it is more a lab notebook that I leave open so I can refer back to it from arbitrary places on the web. It is more for my benefit than anyone else's, but you are welcome to browse the index if you are stuck for something to do.

You probably can't create a user account, nor will you be able to edit items or leave comments on them; as I said, this is for my benefit.

But if you find things of use to you, fantastic. Enjoy.
sysadmin  sendmail  mailserver  reference  howto 
28 days ago by dusko

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