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The MagPi Magazine
"Official Raspberry Pi magazine". Apparently available as free PDF
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3 days ago by amoore
Journey to the Sea
"Journey to the Sea is an online magazine devoted to the study of myth. This includes mythic narratives found in ancient mythology, religious texts, fantasy and science-fiction literature, and many other sources. We are particularly interested comparative mythology and the role of modern myth in our everyday lives. The magazine has been published monthly since July 2008. The magazine is edited by Randy Hoyt, and the articles are written by a number of other contributors."
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4 days ago by jimmykduong
About Us - The MagPi MagazineThe MagPi Magazine
The MagPi was created – like most great Raspberry Pi projects – by a group of like-minded enthusiasts from the Raspberry forum. Their goal was to make a Raspberry Pi magazine for the whole community could enjoy (and they succeeded!).The magazine is now published by Raspberry Pi as the official Raspberry Pi magazine.

The MagPi is very different to the average technology mag:

• You can download DRM-free PDFs of magazine every issue
• The MagPi is freely licensed (CC BY-NC-SA) so it can be shared and remixed
• It’s written by Pi enthusiasts for Pi enthusiasts (and it always will be!)
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5 days ago by sprague

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