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NaturalHairLatina: How To Start A Tshirt Business In 24hrs With No Money

There are several crucial elements to starting a successful t-shirt company.Each of these elements need to be considered closely & carefully beforemoving forward:1. NicheYou hear this term get tossed around a lot, but nowhere is it more importantto choose a niche than in the graphic t-shirt industry. One of the mostimportant factors in building a successful t-shirt business is the ability to standout from the many competitors and one of the best ways to do that is bychoosing and catering to a specific niche.In general, categories like t-shirts with funny slogans are going to be too broadto attack in a very developed market. You’re going to want to tighten it up alittle more. An example of a more specific niche would be t-shirts with funnyslogans that relate to Beauty and hair.

2. DesignThe last thing a visitor would want is to see in your catalogue is a copy of t-shirt design found elsewhere. Your designs don’t necessarily need to becomplex, in fact, many of the best selling graphic tees are very simple,however, they do need to connect with your audience and stand out.

Your T-Shirt’s QualityAll t-shirts are not the same and not all print jobs are the same. As wementioned above, quality is paramount to your brand and its success, so it’simportant to educate yourself and choose your blank shirts wisely.It will always be tempting to sacrifice on quality for higher profit margins butyou need to consider how the quality will affect customer’s decisions to shareyour brand and repurchase in the long run.Quality t-shirts encompasses several factors, including fit, sizing, material,softness, and weight. A great starting point for determining which blank t-shirt to use .Once you narrow down your choices, it’s strongly encouraged to ordereach of the t-shirts yourself to make an informed final decision.


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8 days ago by naturalhairlatina
From Pinterest: One Month of Small Machines - wolfCat workshop
ifttt  pinterest  One  Month  of  Small  Machines  -  wolfCat  workshop 
5 weeks ago by errehache
Music Typewriters - Music Printing History
Music typewriters were developed in the 19th century, but it wasn't until the mid 1900s that they became popular.
music  history  machines  engineering  typewriters 
6 weeks ago by ignatz
The body as machine: first imagined in 1927, now brought to new, animated life
Originally an interactive installation, this short video from the German animator Henning M Lederer breathes new life into Kahn’s illustration, augmenting the original image with mechanical movements and sounds. Lederer’s update offers a visually and conceptually rich melding of technology, biology and design, echoing a time when machinery permeated the collective consciousness in a manner quite similar to computing technology today.
animation  video  biology  machinery  machines 
7 weeks ago by terry
Why Developers Never Use State Machines - Skorks
We’re now able to keep an audit trail of our state transitions simply by dropping in statemachine-audit_trail (_see that Shopify post), before it was too hard to hook it in everywhere so we had nothing.
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8 weeks ago by gustavoluz
Most Interesting Construction Inventions And Ingenious Machines ▶12 - YouTube
tags: Most Interesting Construction Inventions And Ingenious Machines ▶12 - YouTube video || tile level leveling system ;;;
01:35; vaccum lift for bricks, cinder blocks and other heavy things.
04:45; tile leveling system
06:30; quick light duty road construction
Most  Interesting  Construction  Inventions  And  Ingenious  Machines  ▶12  -  YouTube  video  ||  tile  level  leveling  system  vaccum  lift  for  bricks  &  cinder  blocks  quick  light  duty  road 
8 weeks ago by neerajsinghvns
Printer Data
List of printer models and firmware supported by authentise.
authentise  echo  machines  support 
8 weeks ago by farmckon
Khanlou | Finite States of America
bugs are just states that you haven’t defined yet

A state machine is a construct that can have several states and defines the transitions between those states that are valid. For example, the Initial state could transition to Loading, which could transition to Completed, Failed, or Cancelled. Other transitions would be invalid.
Code  algorithms  Programming  state_machine  iOS  state  machines 
8 weeks ago by gustavoluz
RT : to perform the most monotonous tasks, leaving people to do jobs that engage them mentally.
As Amazon Push…
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8 weeks ago by gelerobbie

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