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We review PredicSis AI, PredictionIO and Seldon, three analytic services based on predictive APIs |
PredicSis AI, PredictionIO and Seldon are three platforms using APIs to collect and manage large volumes of aggregated data that is used to create predictive models. Here we explain how they work and their main features.
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yesterday by shoesiq
Recognizing Celebrities in an Image - Amazon Rekognition
To recognize celebrities within images and get additional information about recognized celebrities, use the non-storage API operation. For example, in social media or news and entertainment industries where information gathering can be time critical, you can use the
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yesterday by shoesiq
An open source deep learning platform that provides a seamless path from research prototyping to production deployment.
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yesterday by vicchow
This neural network lets you build and evolve little AI creatures
Psst. Wanna simulate evolution using a neural network and your internet browser? One clever developer built a simulation program that lets you do just that.
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