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Slack でチャンネル内のメッセージを一括削除する – with a Christian Wife
slack  osx  mac  knowhow 
2 hours ago by unknownlabel
Mac Power Users #431: Mac Maintenance - Relay FM
Katie and David discuss best practices for keeping your Mac healthy including Mac maintenance tips, diagnosing common problems, getting rid of unnecessary files, maintenance utilities, and care tips.
Mac Power Users #49: Mac Maintenance - Relay FM
iStat Menus
Bartender 3 | Mac Menu Bar Item Control
How to reset the System Management Controller (SMC) on your Mac - Apple Support
60 Mac Tips, Volume2 — MacSparky
What is Console on macOS Sierra and why should you care? | iMore
How to use Activity Monitor on your Mac - Apple Support
How to remove startup programs in macOS Sierra and earlier OS X?
How to free up storage space on your Mac - Apple Support
How to use Optimized Storage on the Mac | iMore
CleanMyMac 3
Gemini 2: The Best Duplicate File Finder for Mac. Smart selection and fast scan.
Setapp | A suite of Mac apps for all tasks
DaisyDisk - Analyze disk usage and free up disk space on Mac
OmniDiskSweeper and OmniWeb - The Omni Group
Noodlesoft – Noodlesoft – Simply Useful Software
PowerPhotos – Merge Mac Photos libraries, find duplicates, and more
Titanium Software - OnyX
Cocktail - A perfect mixture for macOS
Malwarebytes for Mac—Mac Antivirus Replacement | Malwarebytes iKlear iPod Cleaning Kit For All Apple Products
About macOS Recovery - Apple Support
DiskWarrior 5
TimeMachineEditor Wemo Mini Smart Plug, Wi-Fi Enabled
Amphetamine on the Mac App Store
How to clean your Apple products - Apple Support
FruitJuice -- battery maintenance app for Apple Mac laptop computers. —
iPhone Field Guide — MacSparky
The iPhone Field Guide 1.1 is now out. Also, the PDF version is now available.
YouTube - Oscar trash extension
MPU  podcast  mac  troubleshooting 
7 hours ago by rgl7194
The Best Mac Text Editors to Use in 2018
Need a new text editor for your Mac? Here are the best free and paid macOS text editors for plain text, coding, and everything in between.
text  editors  mac  software  recommendations 
7 hours ago by kger
The Mac Equivalents to Default Windows Software
Every default Windows app has a Mac equivalent. If you're a new Mac user, here are the apps that replace the Windows tools you've used.
mac  tips 
7 hours ago by kger
Bear - Notes for iPhone, iPad and Mac
Another OneNote-like database/notebook organizer thing
mac  notes  writing  organization 
12 hours ago by ash

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