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Finding Pwned Passwords With 1Password
To complete the process, the server sends back a list of leaked password hashes that start with those same five characters. 1Password then compares this list locally to see if it contains the full hash of your password. If there is a match then we know this password is known and should be changed.

app  ios  mac  software  security 
1 hour ago by symm
Casilla - Hide Applications
Casilla is a simple utility that hides and unhides all your running applications.
2 hours ago by rmateu
Low End Mac’s Compleat* Guide to the MacBook Air | Low End Mac |
Apple has stopped selling the 11″ Air – the 13″ model remains for sale, but with minimal upgrades and – in particular – a screen resolution that was good in 2010 but is now a bit of an embarrassment. Continued sales are a testament to the quality and value of its now 8-year old design, but I wonder how much longer it will remain in production?
macbookair  apple  mac  hardware 
3 hours ago by kme
a free, open source, and cross-platform media player
mac  app 
3 hours ago by inhabitation
Sync iTerm2 Profile With Dotfiles Repository - Stratus3D
You have planned ahead. Everything you need to get setup on the new MacBook Pro is stored in your dotfile repository hosted on GitHub. You fire up …
iterm  dotfiles  iterm2  mac 
4 hours ago by phatblat
Rest Time - the simple, elegant & unobtrusive macOS break timer
mac  app 
4 hours ago by inhabitation
ONLYOFFICE desktop and mobile applications - ONLYOFFICE
ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors - Work offline on documents from your PC or Mac
app  mac 
4 hours ago by inhabitation
Powerful task management for your personal productivity
NubiDo is a beautiful and powerful task management tool for your personal productivity. Available on the Web, iPhone, iPad and Mac
app  mac 
5 hours ago by inhabitation
liquivid Video Improve | Video editing made easy to learn and quick to use
Video Improve ist eine einfache und schnelle Videbearbeitung für PC & Mac.
mac  app 
5 hours ago by inhabitation
The life and death of Twitter for Mac | iMore
Twitter for Mac is dead. After years of neglect, Twitter has finally put its Mac app out of its misery. This is our post-mortem on what happened, what went wrong, and where the Mac community goes from here.
twitter  mac  apps  RIP  podcast 
5 hours ago by rgl7194

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