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Guerrilla Tacos
LA Times: "For years, we trailed Wes Avila’s taco truck, lining up in front of coffee shops, ordering his blissful sweet potato tacos and uni tostadas, content to eat some of the city’s best tacos on a dusty sidewalk. Sometimes the truck would move, or Avila would run out of supplies, and we’d be bereft for a few days; that was part of the charm, but it was also unsettling, as it reminded us how tenuous the promise of those tacos was. Earlier this year, Avila took up permanent home in the Arts District. Now there’s not only a roof, tables and chairs, but lamb kebabs, a full bar, even weekend brunch. Avila is using his new, bigger kitchen to experiment, loading hard shell tacos with wild boar, beef chile colorado with foie gras, and queso fundido with chorizo and octopus. If you haven’t had his tostadas topped with hamachi or raw scallops, they’re remarkable — and a reminder that you don’t have to trek to Contramar in Mexico City or La Guerrerense’s Ensenada cart when Avila is here.

— Amy Scattergood
Price: $$$$
2000 E. 7th St., Los Angeles
(213) 375-3300
Full bar. Street parking. Credit cards accepted.
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5 days ago by chyde
Why Doesn't It Snow in L.A. Anymore?
Four police officers soon arrived to disperse the crowd, but the students surrounded them, let the air out of their patrol cars’ tires, and pelted the officers with rock-filled snowballs. Only when a reinforcement army of some 30 policemen arrived, armed with nightsticks and tear-gas shotgun shells, did the riot subside. 
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5 days ago by flyingcloud
Los Originales Tacos Arabes de Puebla - 99 Photos & 76 Reviews - Mexican - 3549 E Olympic Blvd, Boyle Heights, Los Angeles, CA - Restaurant Reviews - Phone Number - Yelp
"I read about this truck somewhere when I was researching must-try taco spots in LA and I finally tried it on Saturday night with a friend who was visiting town."

From review. Boyle Heights. Are other places on this strip--Tacos El Pecas
Located on Olympic in Boyle Heights on a strip where there are a ton of quality food trucks, this truck definitely deserves its spot on this strip. The tacos served here are a niche delight, not your standard fare taco.
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6 days ago by chyde
15 minute wal. downtown

Esparza: chile relleno de jaiba, carne asada a la tampiquena
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Menu - Mexicali Taco - Los Angeles - Baja Tacos

Esparza: tacos de carne asada, vampiros, cachetadas
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6 days ago by chyde
Cielito Lindo - Authentic Mexican taquitos on Olvera Street in Los Angeles

Esparza: beef taquitos with avocado sauce

15 minute walk from hotel
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near hotel, inside Grand Central
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