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Fanfic: The Siege of Shanxi Ch 1, Mass Effect | FanFiction
2157: The Turian Hierarchy launches a secretive war against a new species known as 'humanity'. The first major battleground is the outlying colony world of Shanxi, defended by the 3rd Garrison Division of the Systems Alliance Marines. With overwhelming odds against them, the hopes of Shanxi rest with the fledgling Alliance fleet...and unlikely allies within the ranks of their foes.
Mass Effect, T, English, Adventure & Tragedy, chapters: 45, words: 237k+, favs: 666, follows: 665, updated: Feb 13, 2017 published: Jul 9, 2011
MassEffect  fic  preseries  firstcontactwar  milsf  long  gen 
2 days ago by skogsraa
I Wish You Were My Husband by Feynite
AU based on The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir (familiarity with that story's not required).

Wherein Shen Yuan transmigrates into a harem intrigues romance novel (gay edition), Yue Qingyuan really fucks up, Liu Qingge is not suitable for his job, and no one even remotely sees Luo Binghe coming.
fic  f:scumvillain  p:binghe/shenyuan  good  idfic  long 
11 days ago by nonplussed
Schadenfiend - The Hand that Feeds
Eddie stumbles upon a jar containing a mysterious, black substance.

Against his better judgement, he decides to take it home.
venom  venom/eddie  long  nc17  @ao3  wip 
12 days ago by blissfire
Mottlemoth - Closer than Skin
As Eddie settles into his new life as a host, his symbiote's growing interest in his body causes feelings he's unsure how to deal with. Being close is one thing; being intimate is another. Venom's company is everything and Eddie worries about blurring the line—then dreams and frustration start to blur it for him.
venom  venom/eddie  long  nc17  @ao3  domestic  pining  rimming  favourite  happy 
15 days ago by blissfire
Tales of a Wanderer Chapter 2: World Pieced Together, a Harry Potter + Lord of the Rings Crossover fanfic | FanFiction
Tales of a Wanderer
By: Carumati
HPLOTR. Harry was in an alien world, surrounded by talking trees and the legend of the Rings. There's a war going on and he's determined to stay out of it, until it drags him in. Forget about the old world of Hogwarts and Voldemort, he has to survive.
Rated: Fiction T - English - Adventure/Drama - Harry P. - Chapters: 6 - Words: 57,539
HP  LOTR  Crossover  Long  Gen  Alternate/Reality  ****  Complete 
18 days ago by MotherEndurance
Tomb of the First Men
Jon wasn't sure whether fulfilling his Uncle's request was worth it or not. But nonetheless, Jon ventures North of the Wall in search of the Tomb of the First Men - and the secret the Starks have kept for over eight thousand years. What he finds there is exactly - and nothing at all - like he'd expected.
harrypotter  gameofthrones  crossover  harry/other  orgy  slash  mpreg  au  thisisdifferent  long  wip  on!ao3 
20 days ago by Severusslave

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