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Why I Prefer Dynamic Typing Over Static Typing (2017) | Hacker News
What a bizarre argument. You could replace "static" with "dynamic" and you would have an equivalent argument that would just as strongly (i.e., in fact, weakly) argue against dynamic typing. This logical hole is obvious enough to drive a bus through. I don't understand how the author wouldn't have noticed it.
28 minutes ago by sh
>> 74HCT125N from NEXPERIA >> Specification: IC, 74HCT CMOS, 74HCT125, DIP14, 5V.
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yesterday by choffee
The Declarative Imperative: Experiences and Conjectures in Distributed Logic | the morning paper
The Declarative Imperative: Experiences and Conjectures in Distributed Logic - Hellerstein 2010. This paper is an extended version of an invited talk that Joe Hellerstein gave to the ACM PODS conference in 2010. The primary audience is therefore database researchers, but there's some good food for thought for the rest of us in there too.…
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yesterday by joshuathayer
GitHub - klaussinani/awesome-prolog: ⚡️ Curated list of Prolog packages and resources
⚡️ Curated list of Prolog packages and resources. Contribute to klaussinani/awesome-prolog development by creating an account on GitHub.
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10 days ago by gilberto5757

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