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The Complete Guide to the ELK Stack - 2018 - Logz.io
Production environments produce massive files filled with endless lines of text in the form of log files. Together, these different open source products are most commonly used for centralized logging in IT environments (though there are many more use cases for the ELK Stack including business intelligence, security and compliance, and web analytics). Logstash collects and parses logs, and then Elasticsearch indexes and stores the information. Kibana then presents the data in visualizations that provide actionable insights into one’s environment.
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3 hours ago by cyberchucktx
Splunk vs ELK: The Log Management Tools Decision Making Guide
Production environments produce massive files filled with endless lines of text in the form of log files. We’re taking a practical look at 2 of the most popular log management solutions: Splunk and ELK (Elasticsearch-Logstash-Kibana) to help guide you through the questions you’ll need to ask yourself in order to make the right choice.
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Sysdig: Kubernetes & Docker Monitoring, Container Security
The first unified approach to container security, monitoring and forensics.
docker  monitoring  devops  sysdig  sysadmin  logging  debugging  security 
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datadog: Real-time Performance Monitoring
Create drag-and-drop dashboards to graph, analyze, correlate, and compare performance metrics and events.See granular metrics from your entire stack, from application-level to your actual hosts and VMs.
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A more privacy-friendly blog | Lobsters
"If you have access to your web-server logs, Goaccess may be a good candidate. It’s quite easy to use and not really intrusive"
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