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Honeycomb | Event-Driven Debugging
Honeycomb is a tool for introspecting and interrogating your production systems. We can gather data from any source, from your clients (mobile, IoT, browsers), vendored software (databases etc), or your own code. Single-node debugging tools miss the picture in a world where infrastructure is dynamic and ephemeral.

Tests are great, but they test predictable input. As anyone knows, your code will do unpredictable things when you run it at scale, with production data, and the greatest chaos driver of all — real live Users.

Honeycomb’s philosophy is that fast and mostly right is better than 100% correct, that the future belongs to structured data and raw events, and that open-ended exploratory tooling is the only way to find answers to questions you couldn’t predict.

Asking new questions must be a support problem, not a core engineering problem.

There are no tools quite like honeycomb on the market. But we borrow from three established categories: Monitoring & Metrics, Log Aggregation, and APM (application performance monitoring).
analytics  logging  monitoring  software  devops 
2 days ago by bezthomas
Live Tail CLI - Sumo Logic
The Live Tail Command Line Interface (CLI) is a standalone application that allows you to start and use a Live Tail session from the command line.
monitoring  logging  sumologic  tool  commandline 
2 days ago by bkittelmann
Unified Logs and Metrics by Sumo Logic
Sumo Logic Unified Logs and Metrics. Analyze, Correlate and Monitor All Your Machine Data Natively. Unified platform for all your log and metrics. Analyze all data in real-time with machine learning, perform root-cause analysis, and monitor apps and infrastructure in real-time. See Advanced Analytics for Logs & Metrics in Action! In this demo, you’ll see a new way to troubleshoot modern applications using advanced analytics that contextually correlate logs and time-series metrics. At a glance, metrics graphs can help them visualize quickly where the issue lies and then they can drill down contextually into the specific logs to surface the needle in the haystack.
mobile  performance  logging  cloud  metrics  newrelic  loggly  papertrail 
6 days ago by dlkinney
log15 — powerful logging for Golang - Progville
log15 is a powerful structured logging package for Go with a simple, easy-to-use API. It supports output with color when logging to terminal, and also can write to files, streams, syslog and network.
context  go  logging 
8 days ago by danesparza

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