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The One-Star Review - jestbee - Phandom/The Fantastic Foursome (YouTube RPF) [Archive of Our Own]
Phil's just been promoted to Head Chef of The Golden Saucer. Which sounds like good news, but the restaurant is struggling, he's forced to cook a menu he hates, and on top of that they just got a one-star review from a renowned yet faceless food critic of a national newspaper.

Thankfully, things are about to change for the better.
!2019  !cookingAU  location:ao3  rating:pg13  pairing:dan/phil  fandom:phandom  author:jestbee 
yesterday by swisscheese
A Year in the Life - TwistedRocketPower - Phandom/The Fantastic Foursome (YouTube RPF) [Archive of Our Own]
To celebrate ten years together, and moving into their forever home, Dan and Phil decide to release a self-made documentary of the past year. Unlike anything they've ever done, this video will show the good, bad, and everything in between.
!2019  location:ao3  rating:pg  fandom:phandom  pairing:dan/phil  author:TwistedRocketPower 
yesterday by swisscheese
Gestalt - Poetry, Shmaylor - Leverage [Archive of Our Own]
The thing about magic is that you can’t do it by yourself. No one person has enough magic in them to do even a minor casting – you need a coven. Parker knew that about magic, which was why she couldn’t trust it.

[Text + Podfic]
fandom:leverage  eliot/hardison/parker  creator:shmaylor  creator:poetry  length:1-3hrs  length:12-15k  location:ao3  podfic  com:pod_together  au  au:magical.realism  toread 
5 days ago by concinnity
More Than a Team - Poetry, Shmaylor - Sense8 (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Nomi wants help from a team of criminals to bring down BPO, Amanita isn't sure she trusts them, Hardison is impressed by Nomi's hacking skills, Parker comes to the rescue, and Eliot notices some very distinctive fighting styles.

[Podfic + Text]
fandom:sense8  fandom:leverage  gen  amanita/nomi  eliot/hardison/parker  creator:shmaylor  creator:poetry  length:1-3hrs  length:5-8k  location:ao3  team.family.home  case.fic  com:pod_together 
5 days ago by concinnity
Away Childish Things

Harry gets de-aged. Malfoy has to help him.

My notes: the one where they both get de-aged, and lose their secrets. All the feelings
length:100-150k  warning:ptsd  warning:child.harm  warning:alittlesad  creator:lettered  hurt/comfort  de-aging  timeline:future.fic  fandom:harry.potter  firsttime  location:ao3  draco/harry 
7 days ago by concinnity
Conspirators by Pageling
Jim Kirk discovers the wonders of gum, Spock makes an observation, the bridge crew nearly has a heart attack, and McCoy hates his life.
fandom:startrek  kirk/spock  creator:pageling  length:1-3K  location:ao3  established.relationship  humor  via:caelulum 
11 days ago by concinnity
The Patchwork Boy - isildursheir - Shades of Magic - V. E. Schwab [Archive of Our Own]
“You said you have nothing here, but you don’t have anything where you’re from, either. And I’m offering you something. Another chance. Another life.” His gaze flicked back up to Holland’s, full of sincerity. “An opportunity to heal.”


In which Kell actually tries to convince Holland to stay in Red London. In which Holland actually stays.
fandom:shades.of.magic  gen  creator:isildursheir  length:5-8k  location:ao3  au  timeline:alternate  toread 
11 days ago by concinnity
Pricked thee out for young men's pleasure - Petra - The Magicians (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Two bright young things meet at a party freshman year, get on well, and get it on; or, on his quest to become himself, Eliot finds a role model in Margo.
fandom:the.magicians  eliot/margo  creator:petra  length:1-3K  location:ao3  firsttime  timeline:pre-canon  pegging  via:partofthewhole  friendship 
12 days ago by concinnity
[Podfic] and we still had hours - ofjustimagine - Critical Role (Web Series) [Archive of Our Own]
Podfic, 01:39:27, mp3, m4a, and streaming formats.

Author's summary:
"In his own dreams, Caleb's back is usually ramrod straight the way it was in his youth. In his waking hours, his beggar’s hunch is practiced, intentional. Whatever he’s doing now, all neutral spine and open hands, is something different altogether."


Dream: 5th level illusion; If the target is asleep, the messenger appears in its dreams and can converse with it as long as it remains asleep.
fandom:critical.role  gen  creator:ofjustimagine  creator:poppyseedheart  length:1-3hrs  location:ao3  podfic!  team.family.home 
20 days ago by concinnity
waiting patient for the sun to rise. - commonemergency - Phandom/The Fantastic Foursome (YouTube RPF) [Archive of Our Own]
It takes Dan a second to process what he’s doing but then he closes his eyes and lets himself be held. He wraps his arms around him and places himself in the crook of Phil’s neck like that’s where he belongs. Dan feels so cold against Phil’s body. or Dan needs a hug.
!2019  location:ao3  rating:pg  fandom:phandom  pairing:dan/phil  author:commonemergency  !mentalhealth 
26 days ago by swisscheese
so pretty it hurts - waveydnp - Phandom/The Fantastic Foursome (YouTube RPF) [Archive of Our Own]
She looks so pretty today, her water fountain ponytail and an oversized red Adidas sweatshirt with big white and blue flowers.
!2019  !genderswap  author:waveydnp  location:ao3  rating:pg  fandom:phandom  pairing:dan/phil 
6 weeks ago by swisscheese
A Thousand Teeth and Yours Among Them

"A thousand teeth,
and yours among them, I know.
Our hungers appeased,
Our heartbeats becoming slow." - In a Week, Hozier

Unconventional New Orleans Detective Will Graham meets his match when surgeon Hannibal Lecter asks him to dinner in the aftermath of a murder investigation. As his relationship with the enigmatic Doctor unfolds, Will gets further entrenched in the hunt for not one but two serial killers: the first creating a bloody ode to family values, while the other vanishes bodies into the swamps and bayous of rural Louisiana.

Pre-show AU with all our faves, including Team Sassy Science!
timeline:pre-canon  location:ao3  timeline:alternate  length:90-110k  firsttime  hannibal/will  fandom:hannibal  creator:printersdevil  creator:gleamingandwholeanddeadly 
7 weeks ago by concinnity

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