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nez - discover exclusive offers from your favourite local food and drinks spots
nez helps you discover the best food and drink offers in London. Free to download and no credit card required, it’s the easiest way to save money at restaurants, cafés and bars near you.
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yesterday by dancall
Opinion | In Stores, Secret Bluetooth Surveillance Tracks Your Every Move - The New York Times
Bluetooth beacons, however, can track your location accurately from a range of inches to about 50 meters. They use little energy, and they work well indoors. That has made them popular among companies that want precise tracking inside a store.
weekly  privacy  tropicalia  tracking  location  gps  bluetooth 
3 days ago by twwoodward
After Foursquare Acquisition, Placed Founder David Shim Talks Teaming Up With a Major Competitor | Street Fight
I call this the 100 Club. Foursquare delivers a single platform for all things location with 100MM measurable devices in the U.S., $100MM+ in revenue, and $150MM in recent capital raised across 350+ employees. The combination of Foursquare and Placed delivers a definitive leader in location that advertisers can grow with over time. In the same way that Google is the market share leader in search, The Trade Desk in programmatic, Foursquare is the leader in location.
location  how-to 
4 days ago by dancall
Study: 89% of marketers boost sales with location data | Mobile Marketer
Eighty-nine percent of surveyed marketers said they increased sales by using consumer location data to boost the effectiveness of their ad campaigns, according to a new report by location data provider Factual provided to Mobile Marketer.
The firm's survey, conducted with Lawless Research, found that 86% of marketers increased their customer base and 84% engaged with consumers by leveraging location data. The portion of marketers that will use location data for marketing will grow to 94% next year from 84% this year, the survey found.
advertising  location  stats 
4 days ago by dancall
6 Sites to Find Location From a Photo Easily
Going through some old photos but can't remember where they were taken? Here are 6 useful sites to help you find the location of the photos easily.
gps  exif  location  information  review  application 
9 days ago by markav
The Clever Cryptography Behind Apple's 'Find My' Feature
When Apple executive Craig Federighi described a new location-tracking feature for Apple devices at the company's Worldwide Developer Conference keynote on…
apple  privacy  security  location  cryptography  from instapaper
10 days ago by leeomara
Foursquare Acquires Placed, Announces $150M in Funding | Street Fight
With the acquisition, Placed will become more powerful, accessing Foursquare’s 105 million points of interest in more than 190 countries as well as the 100 million devices to which Foursquare commands access. Placed CEO David Shim will drop that title and become president of Foursquare. Under the new arrangement, Snap will continue to rely on Placed as an attribution partner.

For Foursquare, the partnership represents an opportunity to double down on a massive set of first-party data at a time when tenuous ad tech solutions tied to third-party data sets are facing unprecedented scrutiny. Foursquare has built up 13 billion consumer confirmations to validate its location data, and Placed has collected 135 million survey responses from its rewards app.

As ad tech faces tougher times and a privacy-driven crackdown on data collection and ad targeting practices, more mergers and acquisitions are likely to transform the industry’s terrain. Teaming up and stockpiling as much first-party data as possible, thereby eliminating the need for less compliant modes of data harvesting, will boost the longevity of some firms while others flounder.
location  deals  targeting  gdpr  advertising  measurement 
11 days ago by dancall
Location-Based AR Is Changing How The World Looks At Gaming - VRScout
Another, slightly cheesier, specter-based AR game, SpecTrek by Games4All will have you donning your ghost hunting cap in search of..well..ghosts! Not real ghosts, but virtual ones – so don’t get nervous!

Using your phone’s camera and GPS, you’ll walk around in search of hidden clues that will lead you to floating spectacles hiding in closets or parks.  Want to make the game even creepier? Play in the dark using a flashlight to navigate the area.
gaming  augmented-reality  mobile  maps  location 
11 days ago by dancall
Adapting to the new ‘just once’ location permission in iOS 13
At the WWDC19 keynote Apple announced two changes in the way location permissions will work in iOS 13. The first change gives users the option to share their location with your app just once. This makes it easier to try out location features and helps users keep sensitive location data private. via Pocket
IFTTT  Pocket  ios  location  privacy 
12 days ago by ChristopherA
How does Apple (privately) find your offline devices? – A Few Thoughts on Cryptographic Engineering
Speculation on how Apple might track the location of offline devices without exposing all that data.

[[turn Apple’s existing network of iPhones into a massive crowdsourced location tracking system. Every active iPhone will continuously monitor for BLE beacon messages that might be coming from a lost device. When it picks up one of these signals, the participating phone tags the data with its own current GPS location; then it sends the whole package up to Apple’s servers.

how is this system going to avoid being a massive privacy nightmare?

Apple claims that their system actually does provide strong privacy, and that it accomplishes this using clever cryptography. But as is typical, they’ve declined to give out the details how they’re going to do it.

The nasty thing about this problem setting is that, with many weird edge cases, there just isn’t a perfect solution. ]]
Apple  surveillance  location 
12 days ago by dandv

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