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Load balancer at your fingertips (Golang) – Khoa Pham – Medium
Load balancer (LB), as its name suggests, is a gateway that distributes incoming traffic to backends. Load balancer in this post refers to application layer (layer 7) LB. LB technically is a reverse…
golang  loadbalancer 
11 days ago by cnu
Pain(less) NGINX Ingress – Daniel Martins
Some things I've learned in my journey using the NGINX ingress controller in production.
k8s  nginx  loadbalancer 
11 days ago by bmdmc
Kubernetes: from load balancer to pod – Google Cloud Platform - Community
At work we use Kubernetes. Last Friday I was talking to a colleague and we were wondering how load balancers, services and pods worked all together. Actually, everything is pretty well explained in the Services, Load Balancing, and Networking section from the Kubernetes concepts. However, you probably need a couple of reads to make sense of everything so I really needed to see it for myself and play with an example. The basic question I was trying to answer was: what happens when you define a service as a load balancer and how do packets end up in my pod?
k8s  networking  loadbalancer 
11 days ago by bmdmc
LoadBalancing gRPC for Kubernetes Cluster Services – Google Cloud Platform - Community – Medium
Sample application demonstrating RoundRobin gRPC loadbalancing on Kubernetes for internal cluster services (eg, type: ClusterIP and headless services type: None)

gRPC can stream N messages over one connection. When k8s services are involved, a single connection to the destination will terminate at one pod. If N messages are sent from the client, all N messages will get handled by that pod resulting in imbalanced load.

One way to address this issue is insteaad define the remote service as Headless and then use gRPC’s client side loadbalancing constructs.
k8s  loadbalancer  grpc 
16 days ago by bmdmc
Istio, Kubernetes with Load Balancer, on Bare Metal…Oh My! – Off The Record
I found a load balancer that works on bare-metal and decided to do a quick write-up of my findings. This blog assumes that you have a basic understanding on how to bring up Kubernetes and Istio, so I won’t go into the nitty gritty details on those steps.
k8s  loadbalancer  metallb 
16 days ago by bmdmc
grpc-java-by-example/kubernetes-lb-example at master · saturnism/grpc-java-by-example
Kubernetes can provide L4 load balancing using a ClusterIP service.

gRPC client can connect to the service IP (and with DNS name) directly. Every time a new connection is opened, it'll be load balanced across the running server instances.
k8s  grpc  loadbalancer  java 
4 weeks ago by bmdmc
jtattermusch/grpc-loadbalancing-kubernetes-examples: gRPC Load Balancing on Kubernetes examples
A collection of simple examples showing how to setup load balancing scenarios for gRPC services deployed on Kubernetes.
grpc  k8s  loadbalancer 
4 weeks ago by bmdmc
gRPC Load Balancing on Kubernetes without Tears - Kubernetes
Many new gRPC users are surprised to find that Kubernetes’s default load balancing often doesn’t work out of the box with gRPC.

While the voting service displayed here has several pods, it’s clear from Kubernetes’s CPU graphs that only one of the pods is actually doing any work—because only one of the pods is receiving any traffic. Why?

In this blog post, we describe why this happens, and how you can easily fix it by adding gRPC load balancing to any Kubernetes app with Linkerd, a CNCF service mesh and service sidecar.
k8s  grpc  loadbalancer  linkerd 
4 weeks ago by bmdmc
Kubernetes Metal LB for On-Prem / BareMetal Cluster in 10 minutes
In this quickstart with Metal LB we will quickly get an on-prem / bare metal load balancer running on Kubernetes (k8s). This is more of a standard layer 2 MetalLB environment.
metallb  k8s  networking  loadbalancer 
4 weeks ago by bmdmc

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