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GitHub - gojektech/weaver: An Advanced HTTP Reverse Proxy with Dynamic Sharding Strategies
Weaver is a Layer-7 Load Balancer with Dynamic Sharding Strategies. It is a modern HTTP reverse proxy with advanced features.
go  load  loadbalancer  sharding  http  proxy 
7 days ago by devin
Making Google Fonts Faster⚡ – Clio + Calliope – Medium
explains some steps worth considering for loading google fonts faster and/or with more control
webdesign  web  design  font  webfont  google  speed  load  loading  time  self-host  cdn  performance  webdev 
8 days ago by piperh
Isolating Linux High System Load – tummy.com, ltd.
There are typically two reasons that a server will show high load and become unresponsive: CPU and disc utilization. On a rare occasion it's something like a hardware error causing a disc to become unresponsive. There are some great tools for tracking and isolating these issues, as long as you know how to interpret the results.
load  sysadmin  linux 
18 days ago by bezthomas
Troubleshooting High I/O Wait in Linux | Benjamin Cane
Linux has many tools available for troubleshooting some are easy to use, some are more advanced.

I/O Wait is an issue that requires use of some of the more advanced tools as well as an advanced usage of some of the basic tools. The reason I/O Wait is difficult to troubleshoot is due to the fact that by default there are plenty of tools to tell you that your system is I/O bound, but not as many that can narrow the problem to a specific process or processes.
linux  performance  load  io  wait 
18 days ago by bezthomas

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