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GitHub - vmware/cascade: A Just-In-Time Compiler for Verilog
A Just-In-Time Compiler for Verilog. Contribute to vmware/cascade development by creating an account on GitHub.
jit  compiler  verilog  live  programming  opensource  floss 
2 days ago by gilberto5757
Three Feet From God: An Oral History of Nirvana ‘Unplugged’
"Twenty-five years after the historic performance that became the band’s best-selling final album, we talked to producers, directors, musicians, and fans present for Kurt Cobain and Nirvana’s greatest performance"
music  nirvana  oralhistory  live  concerts  unplugged 
3 days ago by grahams
Omg the talks are awesome at ⁦⁦⁩ . Right now !!
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6 days ago by danbri

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