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Yeah Yeah Yeah Playlists
Here you’ll find links to Spotify playlists for each chapter of Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!
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17 hours ago by stereo
Lauren Groff: By the Book - The New York Times
"And it isn’t because male writers are bad people. We know they’re not bad people. In fact, we love them. We love them because we have read them. Something invisible and pernicious seems to be preventing even good literary men from either reaching for books with women’s names on the spines, or from summoning women’s books to mind when asked to list their influences. I wonder what such a thing could possibly be."
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yesterday by Felicity
Zadie Smith Remembers Philip Roth
I need to read more Roth. I thought Goodbye Columbus was really good but Portnoy’s Complaint wasn’t as great as I wanted it to be.
2 days ago by trvrplk
王维“行到水穷处,坐看云起时”是怎么样的人生态度? - 知乎
2 days ago by mathinker
Arc (revue) - Wikipedia
The Arc - also known as the Revue L'Arc - (first subtitle: "Mediterranean Notebooks appearing four times a year") is aquarterly French journal run by Stéphane Cordier (1905-1986), a man of businessman, intellectual and writer from Brussels .

many great names appear in this magazine, incl Perec
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3 days ago by tonyyet
Rahul Gandhi’s temple visits no match for BJP’s Hindutva in Karnataka, says writer Vivek Shanbhag
Vivek Shanbhag, author of Ghachar Ghochar, discusses how the BJP changed its strategy for Karnataka, how South India reacts differently to a Hindi-based party, and why people may be tiring of the flood of fake news.
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4 days ago by jdmartinsen

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