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Jane Austen and other great authors that achieved their greatest fame in death -
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yesterday by rdr
Plagiarism Software Unveils a New Source for 11 of Shakespeare’s Plays - The New York Times
For years scholars have debated what inspired William Shakespeare’s writings. Now, with the help of software typically used by professors to nab cheating students, two writers have discovered an unpublished manuscript they believe the Bard of Avon consulted to write “King Lear,” “Macbeth,” “Richard III,” “Henry V” and seven other plays.
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Willa Cather's fiction contains the mysteries of great writing, argues AS Byatt | Books | The Guardian
The Cather who eschewed the intimate, confidential note in writing liked to use painting as an image for what she was trying to achieve. She was interested in fresco, and in the work of the French symbolist Pierre Puvis de Chavannes.

"I had all my life wanted to do something in the style of legend, which is absolutely the reverse of dramatic treatment. Since I first saw the Puvis de Chavannes frescoes of the life of St Genevieve in my student days, I have wished that I could try something like that in prose; something without accent, with none of the artificial elements of composition. In The Golden Legend the martyrdoms of the saints are no more dwelt on than are the trivial incidents of their lives; it is as though all human experiences, measured against one supreme spiritual experience, were of about the same importance. The essence of such writing is not to hold the note - not to use an incident for all there is in it - but to touch and pass on."
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5 days ago by sgreene24
Ta-Nehisi Coates | Comics |
Ta-Nehisi Coates is writing Black Panther!!!!
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5 days ago by cmananian

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