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What are the best CSS single-file stylesheets that you can drop into a semantically correct HTML5 document (i.e.: proper usage of markup) and make the page beautiful? Bonus points if it undoes the "fluidity" of the default UA stylesheet, which makes text hard to read.
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yesterday by mikael
Brunei Literal Names of Villages and Places - Archived WhatsApp Forwards
Found in 2018 and archived by @possiblyzebra. Source: Unknown. A fun little quiz-type list (without answers): "Guess the name (in Malay) of places in Brunei from its literal translation", e.g. One Taste = Serasa.
brunei  lists  quizzes  2018  brunei-viral  whatsapp-archives  kampong  brunei.names 
yesterday by hazm8
Wedding Rental List for Brunei - Archived WhatsApp Forwards
Found in 2017 and archived by @possiblyzebra. Contains list of venue rental costs, and contact lists for Sewa Kem (tent rental), Aircon Services, Towing Services, Sewa Karaoke (karaoke rental), and Darussyifa services.
brunei  lists  resources-lists  weddings  2017  brunei-viral  whatsapp-archives  brunei.vendors 
yesterday by hazm8
How to find out which Squarespace template a site is using — silvabokis
Find Squarespace Templates by ID - Template lookup - find out what template a certain site is using
sqs  squarespace  templates  search  id  lists 
yesterday by spitonastranger
Plain Text List
No popups, No unnecessary formatting. Just a bunch of quick, updated, copy and paste-able lists.
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3 days ago by rmateu

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