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How do you link to a specific version of a shared library in GCC
How do you link to a specific version of a shared library in GCC
linux  gcc 
1 hour ago by praveen
New KDE Connect Indicator Ubuntu / Linux Mint PPA
The KDE Connect Indicator (fork) PPA maintainer is not available any more, and I was asked to create a new PPA.
android  linux  notifications 
2 hours ago by stuarth
How do I know if my firewall is on?
I installed Firestarter, and configured my firewall. But I'm in doubt : On boot, I sometimes see a [FAIL] marker, and to the left, I guess it was something like "start firewall". I can't be sure
linux  firewall  info 
2 hours ago by stuarth
Running Commands on Your Linux Instance at Launch - Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud
In practice, this feature works for a few commands, like installing the SSM agent, but it doesn't work for a lot of commands, especially if they take time (are blocking). For that it's better to launch them with the bare minimum (install ssm agent, python) and then use an ansible playbook to install the rest.
aws  documentation  guide  reference  howto  run  shell  commands  linux  instance  launch  ansible  playbook 
3 hours ago by racl101
Open Broadcaster Software | Home
open source software for video recording and live streaming
opensource  video  windows  osx  linux 
4 hours ago by jshwlkr
My gamepad(arcade stick) not work only in linux : linux4noobs [reddit]
Q: Hi guys, i buyed a pxn arcade stick this one i can play without problems on all my devices, but on linux(antergos kde and kernel 4.16) the arcade is dead, no leds(only macro button led work) or anything else works. [...]
hardwaresupport  linux  sysadmin  issue  workaround  2018  forumthread  reddit  kernelmodule  gaming  usb  udev 
4 hours ago by ezequiel
usb - Why doesn't this udev rule trigger upon removal of the device? - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange
Q: [...] The ADD action works fine, the REMOVE action doesn't. Executing either of the RUN commands manually in a terminal works fine. [...]
(me: proposed solution didn't quite worked for an usb-connected joystick)
2013  2017  udev  hardwaresupport  usb  linux  sysadmin  kernelmodule  configuration  tips  howto  issue  workaround 
4 hours ago by ezequiel

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