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"a quick, modern, and open-source link shortener. It allows you to host your own URL shortener, to brand your URLs, and to gain control over your data."
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may 2018 by xeophin
The Algorithmization of the Hyperlink : Computational Culture
Hyperlinks may be seen as having different roles belonging to specific periods, including the role of the hyperlink as a unit of navigation, a relationship marker, a reputation indicator and a currency of the web. The question here is how web devices have contributed to constituting these roles and how social media platforms have advanced the hyperlink from a navigational device into a data-rich analytical device. By following how hyperlinks have been handled by search engines and social media platforms, and in their turn have adapted to this treatment, this study traces the emergence of new link types and related linking practices.
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november 2013 by paulbradshaw - Make any link speakable!
Create temporary short links. If it's temporary use this instead of etc - reduce your web footprint.
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may 2013 by vanel
Google URL Shortener
Googles own link shortening service
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may 2013 by vanel
bitly | ♥ your bitmarks
One of the best Link shortening tools around
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may 2013 by vanel
URL shortening - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
All about Link shortening - what it is and why it is important
may 2013 by vanel
Using Bitly URLs in WordPress and use them with Twitter and GooglePlus Scripts
So you want to use your bitly account with your WordPress based website? Well that’s really simple.
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january 2012 by bechster
Pointing the internet in a new direction | Technology | The Guardian keeps copies of the destination pages, eliminating one of the key problems with the older services: "link rot". is also running the saved pages through Reuters Open Calais API, which, says Kirkpatrick, lets it "analyse content and semantic terms". Identifying the concepts and subjects of interest and matching those with geographical data parsed through another API means that "if ever got to TinyURL status it will have a pretty rocking database of machine-readable web pages".
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august 2008 by paulbradshaw

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