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How common are with traffic across the top 10 ? - [ Study]…
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22 hours ago by jhill5
International Consortium of Investigative Journalists - ICIJ
Tons of investigative reports exposing corruption, wealth scandals, offshore tax havens. Links to public databases listing criminals.
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yesterday by chrismyth
Links that don’t go anywhere should be buttons
You use an anchor if you want to create an interactive element in the your site or app that takes you to another web resource. You do not use an anchor element to trigger scripting functionality. That’s what the button element is for.
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3 days ago by spaceninja
Patterns - Garry's Mod
This article is for teaching you how to use Lua's pattern matching language. The pattern matching language (or patterns for short) provides advanced tools for searching and replacing recurring patterns in strings. These tools can be used for writing text data parsers, custom formatters and many other things that would take hundreds of lines of code.
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6 days ago by ezequiel
lua-users wiki: Bitwise Operators
Lua 5.3+ has native support for well-known bitwise operators. (See [§3.4.2])
As of version 5.2, Lua ships with the library [bit32] that adds support for bitwise operations. Previous versions of Lua did not include bitwise operators, but bit32 has been backported to version 5.1. Alternatively, there are Lua libraries for this as well as some patched versions of Lua.
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6 days ago by ezequiel

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