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Using Links to Keep Readers on News Sites – Center for Media Engagement
Link layouts containing images generated 63% more clicks than those that consisted of only text

Links at the end of a page generated 55% more clicks than links in the middle of a page

Overall, using related content instead of popular content led to a 14% increase in clicks

Popular content, however, generated more clicks when the referral page was Facebook

Generic wording (e.g. Related Stories) generated slightly more clicks than more complex wording (e.g. What Else People Can Read on This Topic)

It didn’t matter whether people used a smartphone, phablet, tablet, or desktop. It didn’t matter which site users visited. It didn’t matter which page referred them to the site. In all of these instances, there were more clicks when links (1) appeared at the end of articles, and (2) contained images.
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6 weeks ago by paulbradshaw
Freeing the Web from the Browser |
constructing your own set of hyperlinks on a (set of) document(s)
this is a familiar idea....
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august 2018 by tswaterman
When a link to a news story shows the source of the story, some people end up trusting it less » Nieman Journalism Lab
Channels with source attribution had a lower overall mean trustworthiness rating per article, dropping from 3.22 to 3.08 in channels with no images and 3.23 to 3.07 in channels with images.

The effect of attaching an image to content was similar at 3.22 to 3.23 in channels with no source attribution and 3.08 to 3.07 in channels with source attribution. Images selected for content do not seem to affect the overall trustworthiness level.

We find no statistically significant difference in the effect between those who rated more, or fewer, articles.
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july 2018 by paulbradshaw
Transparency to the Rescue?: Evaluating citizens’ views on transparency tools in journalism: Journalism Studies: Vol 0, No 0
Transparency has emerged as an ethical principle in contemporary journalism and is contended to improve accountability and credibility by journalists and scholars alike. However, to date, few attempts have been made to record the public’s views on transparency. This study enriches current knowledge by using data from an experiment, survey and focus groups in Sweden collected between 2013 and 2015. Overall, the results suggest that the respondents are not particularly moved by transparency in any form; it does not produce much effect in the experiments and is not brought up in the focus groups. While that is the key finding of this study, it should also be noted that various forms of user participation are evaluated negatively, while providing hyperlinks, explaining news selection and framing, and correcting errors are viewed positively. Implications for journalism practice and research are discussed.
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july 2018 by paulbradshaw
modeling relations and their mentions without labeled text
named entity resolution and linking.
Riedel and MacCallum
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july 2018 by tswaterman

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