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Serena Williams Makes Herself Comfortable in Lincoln’s Grammy’s Spot – Adweek
“Sanctuary” will make its debut during the broadcast of the 2019 Grammy Awards on Sunday, Feb. 10, supported by digital on NBCUniversal and Billboard online and Lincoln’s own social channels.
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7 days ago by automotive
Lincoln: Standalone stores see sales boost
"I totally bought into the brand because of the product," he said. "It's just fantastic. I believe what Lincoln is trying to accomplish with client experiences in the showroom is what you really need to be focused on to be a profitable dealer and a profitable brand."
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10 days ago by automotive
McConaughey, Lincoln Again Top Most-Seen Auto Ads Chart
The Nautilus commercial not only was No.1 for the week of Jan. 14, but also had the best iSpot Attention Index (154) in the ranking, getting 54% fewer interruptions than the average auto ad.
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23 days ago by automotive
Lincoln Aviator priced from $52,195; plug-in hybrid model starts at $69,895
Customers can order the vehicle beginning in February. The gasoline version goes on sale this summer, while the plug-in will go on sale in late summer, according to a Lincoln spokeswoman.
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24 days ago by automotive
Lincoln dealer council leader: Aviator expected to lead Lincoln's sales
"We're planning on triple the volume with Aviator versus Navigator," Lynch, vice president of North Florida Lincoln in Jacksonville, told Automotive News. "With Navigator, we've seen an influx of conquest clients on that product. We expect the same thing with Aviator, only times three."
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26 days ago by automotive
McConaughey Stars in Most-Viewed Auto Ad
The top ad for the week of Jan. 7 sees McConaughey promoting the new ’19 Lincoln Nautilus and closes with the tagline “Technology that helps put you in control.” This spot also has the best iSpot Attention Index (164) in the ranking, getting 64% fewer interruptions than the average auto ad (interruptions include changing the channel, pulling up the guide, fast-forwarding or turning off the TV).
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4 weeks ago by automotive
2020 Lincoln MKC Design, Changes, Interior & Specs
The interior of the 2020 Lincoln MKC will look classy and lavish and will be constructed from costs products and outfitted with lots of modern-day functions
2020  Lincoln  MKC 
4 weeks ago by LuxuryCarsReport
Lincoln and a Popular Dog Photographer Help Reunite Pets With Owners After a Wildfire – Adweek
In an effort to put more awareness and exposure on these pets, specifically dogs, Lincoln teamed up with the NVADG and dog photographer Elias Friedman, founder of The Dogist on Instagram, followed by an audience of 3.4 million. A film, created by WPP boutique agency Hudson Rouge, documents the heartbreaking, yet hopeful journey of Paradise residents and the importance these pets have to the town’s healing.

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5 weeks ago by automotive
2020 Lincoln Nautilus Specs, Interior, Price & Release Date
The 2020 Lincoln Nautilus will proceed with turbocharged devices from the existing variation. The crossover will have a 2.0-liter turbo-four engine the base
2020  Lincoln  Nautilus 
5 weeks ago by LuxuryCarsReport
Bayflicks – Lincoln Spector's guide to everything cinema in the San Francisco Bay Area

Lincoln Spector's guide to everything cinema in the San Francisco Bay Area

My A+ List of All-Time Great Films
Newsletter & Subscriptions
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7 weeks ago by Quercki
2018 Creative All Star: Jon Pearce 12/26/2018
Jon Pearce, the global Chief Creative Officer of Hudson Rouge, deserves the accolade creative genius. He has helped transform the once-stodgy Lincoln Motor Company into a relevant and buzzworthy brand.

Who can forget the infamous Matthew McConaughey spoken-word spots that were spoofed by everyone from “Saturday Night Live” to Ellen DeGeneres?
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7 weeks ago by automotive
Lincoln Compares Driver-Assist Tech To Billiards Shots 12/21/2018
While trick shots and technology might seem like an unlikely combination, it works, says Eric Peterson, Lincoln communications marketing manager.

The spots “continue to strengthen the authentic connection between Matthew and Lincoln,” Peterson tells Marketing Daily. “His connection with people has a very warm feel, so capturing that in these spots helps reinforce that same type of connection our brand has with customers. Authentic relationships between brands and great personalities like Matthew are hard to come by, which is why this connection works so well.”
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7 weeks ago by automotive
Everything Goes to the Dogs This Christmas for Hudson Rouge and Lincoln | AgencySpy
In the case of this new campaign for Ford’s Lincoln brand from dedicated shop Hudson Rouge, the narrative is a fairly simple one: she’s coming home, and the dog can feel it in the air.
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9 weeks ago by automotive

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