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The Useless Tree
"Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Dao: Ancient Chinese Thought in Modern American Life."

Blog enriched with directory of other resources in the internet about Chinese Philosophy, I Ching, Tao, China & East Asia news / politics.

By Sam Crane

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6 days ago by eocas
In Praise of Being Washed | GQ
Nice one. “They were all immortals at one point, and now they're not. I find it inspiring, honestly, especially in this moment so otherwise thoroughly defined by our current president and his near daily talk of winning. Have you ever seen a more unhappy person in your entire life? There is humility, the graceful acceptance that even the highest office in the land is some small, modest part of a much bigger project. And then there is Donald Trump, so obsessed with victory—with avoiding humiliation—that he seems to spend his days seeking out and punishing those with less power than himself, just to prove that he can. He's an example, too, if only of how not to be. His fear of losing is palpable, corrosive. Wouldn't the world be a better place if more of us admitted...not defeat, necessarily, but the possibility of defeat? If more of us were washed? And in doing so allowed ourselves to find what pleasure, or peace, might await on the other side?”
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7 days ago by alexpriest
About from Crunchbase:
"Sweetgreen is an American fast casual restaurant chain that serves simple, seasonal, healthy salads and grain bowls made in-house from scratch, using whole produce delivered that morning."

Cooperates with local farmers and engages with local communities including as well the means of music festivals and such.

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14 days ago by eocas

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