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Habits always form - Signal v. Noise
Habits are always forming. No matter what you do, you’re also forming habits too. Keep that in mind with whatever you do.
yesterday by dwhite
I'll be taking questions about and book at 12:00 EDT tomorrow on FB Live…
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2 days ago by sprague
Hacking Life
Life hackers track and analyze the food they eat, the hours they sleep, the money they spend, and how they're feeling on any given day. They share tips on the most efficient ways to tie shoelaces and load the dishwasher; they employ a tomato-shaped kitchen timer as a time-management tool.They see everything as a system composed of parts that can be decomposed and recomposed, with algorithmic rules that can be understood, optimized, and subverted. In Hacking Life, Joseph Reagle examin...
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4 days ago by marlened
How To Use Wool Dryer Balls and Do They Work?
Wool dryer balls are a great way to soften fabric, dry laundry faster, and save a little money. For those who don't know, here's how to use dryer balls with you laundry.
8 days ago by mavdhe
Qantas Points Plane: How to nab a seat on a flight without paying a cent
Forgetting where your car is parked? Perhaps you’re on a flight that doesn’t offer in-flight entertainment? Or maybe your jewellery always gets tangled up while stuffed in your suitcase?
travel  tips  lifehacks 
10 days ago by Podbunker

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