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Crowdsourcing New Hampshire’s love affair with stone walls
A combination of aerial mapping using a system called LIDAR plus Internet-based crowd-sourcing may finally answer one of the most fascinating, if not very pressing, questions about the New Hampshire countryside: How many miles of stone walls do we have?
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2 days ago by s.scottwhitmore
London Knowledge (2018) – My Blog
London Knowledge is a prototype for a longer film that examines the generation of urban spatial knowledge. Its focus is an comparison of how London’s street map is memorised by humans with how it is understood by digital scanning techniques. Using a layering of ambient sound, interviews and digitally-generated visuals, the film compares and contrasts the London black cab drivers’ Knowledge with the prospect of a London conveyed through Lidar scanning technology, which will be used to ‘see’ the city by the self-driving cars of the future.
mapping  spatial_humanities  epistemology  cartography  lidar 
10 days ago by shannon_mattern
RT : Please consider submitting your to the special issue: "Applications of and for…
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14 days ago by rukku
RT : Despite wide coverage in Thailand, Austria, Philippines, Germany, Sri Lanka, ... access is denied and…
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24 days ago by rukku
Home Center for LiDAR data collection and assisted geospatial research
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25 days ago by riemino

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