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Blue Oak Council License List
Permissive licenses are the bread and butter of software development: simple, effective, and on just about everyone’s “go” list. But most information about free and open source software focuses on other, more complex licenses. The Council publishes this list to identify permissive licenses, so that everyone can recognize, rely on, and use them without expensive legal help.
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4 days ago by Vaguery
Apple and Qualcomm’s Billion-Dollar Staredown
April 13, 2019 | WSJ | By Tripp Mickle and Asa Fitch.

Apple has called Qualcomm a monopoly and said Mr. Mollenkopf has lied about settlement talks between the companies. Qualcomm has accused Apple of deceiving regulators around the world and stealing software to help a rival chip maker.

For two years, the companies have bickered over the royalties Apple pays to Qualcomm for its patents. Discord between the CEOs, who bring different management styles and principles to the table, has deepened the divide. They have dug into their positions as the dispute has escalated....Apple’s patent lawsuit against Qualcomm is set to go to trial—with both CEOs expected to testify in a case where billions of dollars are at stake. .....Cook’s view that Qualcomm’s licensing practices—taking a 5% share of most of the sales price of an iPhone—was just plain wrong, allowing the chip maker to profit off Apple innovations in display and camera technology.....
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Home; status of medical license licensing ga georgia composite medical board needsEditing
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6 days ago by neerajsinghvns
Making sense of a crazy year in open source | Scale Venture Partners
fake opensource, aka fauxpen, is increasingly common.
Because getting free labor from the community is not enough.
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11 days ago by po
Open Source Security and License Management | WhiteSource
WhiteSource offers an open source license management and security solution. WhiteSource automates the entire process of open source selection, approval, detection of vulnerable or problematic components and remediation. Recognized by Forrester SCA Wave 2017 as best current offering.
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20 days ago by geekzter
The end of open: BBC blocks its podcasts on Google
Talking to Podnews, a BBC spokesperson said that Google is required to sign a licence to link to their podcasts; and that the Distribution Policy also requires Google to supply user data to the BBC. There has been a “consultation with Google”, and the BBC “has no choice but to stop Google from making podcasts available via Google products.”
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24 days ago by jm

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