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Churh Chau - 馬來西亞第一家雜誌圖書館「縵閱思維」。 去年 Yeh...

去年 Yeh Ruenn找我聊人類圖,談到有個好玩的創業邀約,正猶豫是否該答應;我說若過了內在權威,就去吧。


秋傑路tune hotel對面,家具店二樓。PWTC lrt或Chow Kit Monorial都可抵達。
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5 minutes ago by lohsingyee
ICU - International Components for Unicode
The following is a list of products, companies and organizations reported to be using ICU. If you have any feedback on this list (corrections, additions, or details), please contact us (on icu-support).
unicode  i18n  library  c++  java  date  time 
yesterday by euler
Introducing F2 – Sima – Medium
they say: An elegant, interactive and flexible charting library for mobile.
I've no idea how this works ("based on html5 Canvas") but might be worth finding out if I need charts and graphs. Some nice interactive effects.
webdesign  web  design  mobile  chart  library  interactive  animated  graph 
yesterday by piperh
Swoole: Is it Node in PHP or am I wrong? – TSH Blog
Swoole works as an extension to PHP. It promises hosting HTTP server with PHP, websockets in PHP, but most of all – keeping high performance.
php  asynchronous  programming  library  intro  swoole 
yesterday by gilberto5757
GitHub - Nedgang/clitogui: Automatic GUI generation from a CLI
Automatic GUI generation from a CLI. Contribute to Nedgang/clitogui development by creating an account on GitHub.
gui  generator  automated  commandline  cli  converter  python  parameter  input  opensource  floss  library 
yesterday by gilberto5757

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