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howler.js - JavaScript audio library for the modern web
Works Everywhere
Defaults to Web Audio and falls back to HTML5 Audio to provide full coverage across all browsers and platforms including IE9 and Cordova.
Full Control
Control everything from play, pause and seek to rate, fade and loop, just to name a few.
html5  library  webdev  audio 
1 hour ago by euler
Tap recognizer - Hammer.js
Add multi-touch gestures to your webpage.
iphone  touch  library  pressure  gesture  ipad  js  Apple 
6 hours ago by arioch1984
montanaflynn/stats: A well tested and comprehensive Golang statistics library package with no dependencies.
A well tested and comprehensive Golang statistics library package with no dependencies. - montanaflynn/stats
statistics  golang  library 
6 hours ago by jabbrwcky
Strathclyde Library
Genealogy library references and databases
Library  Suprimo  Genealogy_databases 
7 hours ago by pbastew
thedmd/imgui-node-editor: Node Editor using ImGui prototype
c++  Library 
12 hours ago by umeruma
The Digitalization of Public Diplomacy – The Living Library
Book by Ilan Manor: “This book addresses how digitalization has influenced the institutions, practitioners and audiences of diplomacy.
the  living  library 
13 hours ago by marshallk
The Concept of the Corporation – The Living Library
John Kay: “For the past fifty years or so, the economic theory of the firm has been based on the paradigmatic model of corporate activity which perceives the firm as a nexus of contracts, its boundaries defined by the relative transaction costs of market-based and hierarchical organisation.
the  living  library 
13 hours ago by marshallk
Can I Trust the Data I See? A Physician’s Concern on Medical Data in IoT Health Architectures – The Living Library
Conference Paper by Fariha Tasmin Jaigirdar, Carsten Rudolph, and Chris Bain: “With the increasing advancement of Internet of Things (IoT) enabled systems, smart medical devices open numerous opportunities for the healthcare sector.
the  living  library 
13 hours ago by marshallk
The Urban Commons: How Data and Technology Can Rebuild Our Communities – The Living Library
Book by Daniel T. O’Brien: “The future of smart cities has arrived, courtesy of citizens and their phones. To prove it, Daniel T.
the  living  library 
13 hours ago by marshallk

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