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National Coordination of Data Steward Education in Denmark: Final report to the National Forum for Research Data Management (DM Forum) | Zenodo
This report provides an analysis of current educations in data stewardship and an evaluation of the needs and expectations
to the role of a Data Steward (DS) across the private and public sector. The aim is to inform future data stewardship educations in Denmark. Methods of analysis included a combination of quantitative and qualitative methods such as literature review, text mining, questionnaires, correlation analyses and interviews.
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3 days ago by marlened
LEAD Scale Research
A six-point sliding scale that captures supplemental qualitative data including training, skills, education, effort, teachable moments, knowledge and expertise that occurs during any work function in a library.
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8 days ago by marlened
The Best of the Literary Internet, Every Day
Booklovers, writers, librarians, and higher education English and Creative Writing programs can all find value in this site, which focuses on literary fiction and nonfiction. Every day, new and original content appears throughout the entire site. In “Craft and Criticism” are longer essays on literary topics, and this section includes “Craft and Advice” and “On Translation” pieces. Drawing from their publishing partners, the site posts poetry, short stories, and excerpts of novels from their forthcoming works in the “Fiction and Poetry” section. Under “News and Culture” are 15 categories, such as “History,” “Film and TV,” “Bookstores and Libraries,” etc. In 2017, they added a blog called “The Hub” and the “LitHub Radio” section, home to a podcast network that also contains some audiobooks.

Two subsites were added in 2019, “CrimeReads” and “Book Marks.” “CrimeReads” has a similar structure to “LitHub,” but the “Book Marks” site is the real jewel in the Literary Hub crown. It is an aggregator of book reviews. Books that have been reviewed by three or more syndicated sources are selected, after which the staff vets and categorizes the reviews as rave, positive, mixed, or pan. “Book Marks” reviews are interwoven throughout the entire Literary Hub website.

Literary Hub differs from similar sites, such as Bookish and Book Riot, in that it does not try to sell books. Links to books or articles in the Literary Hub will go to the publisher’s website or to, a community of independent bookstores, but not Amazon. The founder’s aim was to create a site for informed conversations about contemporary literature, and the Literary Hub happily succeeds at this goal.—Doreen Simonsen, Willamette University,
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10 days ago by Psammead
Avtale om digital formidling av bøker (Bokhylla) - Kopinor
Avtalen mellom Nasjonalbiblioteket og Kopinor for digital formidling av trykte bøker utgitt i Norge til og med år 2000. Betales et årlig vederlag per åpnet bokside, finansiert over statsbudsjettet: 33 øre per side, indeksregulert siden 2014. Iflg. bibliotekettarsaka var det 37,2 øre i 2018, noe som ble til 14,8 millionar NOK (fra Kopinors årsmelding)
librarianship  norway  national-library  digitization 
13 days ago by danmichaelo

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