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LibCamp@Brunel - Eventbrite
LibCampBrunel is go! Tickets available now at, #libcampbrunel #libcampuk11
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december 2011 by ostephens
Library Activity Data Sythesis
Helen Harrop's Library Camp session with Dave Pattern
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november 2011 by Librarysue
Library Camp UK 2011 in Birmingham « Cycling for Libraries via Dace
I and #MabsBrompton are mentioned in this great #LibCampUK11 write up by @daceudre, with added #GLAMDerby content
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october 2011 by pigsonthewing
Library Camp 2011 | RedQuadrant
We were lucky enough to be able to attend the UK’s first Library Camp in Birmingham on Saturday 8 October, where we joined the lively and cake-filled debate with 150 other attendees also interested in the future of libraries.
october 2011 by Librarysue
View from the Hill - Library Camp 2011
A guest post this week from our colleague and representative in the West Midlands, Margaret Brittin, on Library Camp. Over to you Margaret...

Last weekend’s Library Camp Unconference in Birmingham has already been much blogged, but what an innovative, energising, well-organised event it was! It had a real buzz to it.
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october 2011 by Librarysue
Library Camp UK 2011 #libcampuk11
I recently attended Library Camp UK 2011 in Birmingham. It was an event that focused around the future of libraries – any type – what that future for them may involve and how we could develop library services to keep them relevant to the world around us. The event was also attended by other people who either had an interest or a stake in the future of libraries – not just librarians – and there were an amazing 150 to 175 people there. “Amazing” because so many people had decided to attend a work related event on a Saturday and because of the genuine buzz that you could feel throughout the day.
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october 2011 by Librarysue
Let the librarians eat cake - blog post on libcampuk11
"I was not impressed when my alarm started buzzing at 4.55am. Especially since a few nights ago I was woken by a fire alarm at 6am. But as early as it was, I was excited to go to Library Camp."
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october 2011 by Librarysue
Shambrarian Knights: Library Camp 2011 - Having your cake and eating it
Before going into details, I have to say that Library Camp is the best conference I have ever attended.
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october 2011 by Librarysue
Girl in the Moon: #libcampuk11 session 4: using wikimedia to improve access
Excellent write up of my #LibcampUK11 session on Wikipedia/ @QRpedia, by @girlinthe
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october 2011 by pigsonthewing

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