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Hiding In Plain Sight
Clark chose a different path after high school, and Lex hates the new Clark. He has fallen from grace in Lex's eyes, but Superman fits neatly onto Clark's old pedestal.
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Cheating Destiny
When a freshman Clark wakes up twenty-five years into the future and can't reach his parents or Pete, he turns to Lex to help him figure it out. What a wonderful opportunity this is to correct certain aspects of their past...
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He Calls It Investing In The Future
The children have so much potential but their role models are absolutely horrendous. So Lex decides the best solution is to spoil them rotten. (Emphasis on rotten.)
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march 2012 by ashleytotherescue
A Sort of Walking Miracle - rivkat - Smallville [Archive of Our Own]
What do you do with immortality? Martha Kent and Lex Luthor. Really interesting and thinky stuff about immortality, the advance of science, parenthood, and both characters.
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september 2011 by innocentsmith
This Mortal Coil by xparrot
While Luthor's motives may be mixed, he wants to keep Superman as attached to his humanity as possible.
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august 2011 by hatinjacket
The 10 sickest underground lairs in scifi and fantasy [Daily 10]
Whether you're on the side of good or evil, you must respect a sick lair. If there's one thing that brings superheroes, supervillains, and intrepid government employees together, it's an appreciation for a secure, well-equipped base of operations. More »
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Lex Luthor Steals The Black Ring. Will He Pwn Superman’s Blockbuster?
Lex Luthor steals Superman's scene in The Black Ring, out March 30 in hardcover. Will he do the same on film?

Is Lex Luthor the most notorious supervillain of all time? You might want to read Superman: The Black Ring before answering that question.

Written by Doctor Who lifer Paul Cornell with art from Pete Woods and Sean Chen, the hardcover collects Issues No. 890 to 895 of the venerable Action Comics while bum-rushing Superman right off the stage.

“Lex fascinates me, although in real life he’d be boring, self-obsessed dinner company,” Cornell told Wired.com in an e-mail chat ahead of the book’s Wednesday release by DC Comics. “But I couldn’t pass up the chance to work on one of the most interesting and well-known characters in comics.”

Whether ego addict Luthor is hunting down a power ring (above), matching wits with The Sandman’s adorable Death (below), easily pwning other DC Comics bad guys or merging minds (and bodies) with a synthetic Lois Lane android — all without actually encountering Superman — he’s proving one thing above all else. He’s fully ready for his blockbuster close-up in Zack Snyder’s upcoming Man of Steel film.

It just might not be such a great thing for the Man of Tomorrow.

“If you asked Lex if he felt he was capable of pushing Superman out of any spotlight, he’d say of course!” Cornell said.

Lex Luthor matches wits with Neil Gaiman's adorable Death in Superman: The Black Ring.Images courtesy DC Comics

It wouldn’t be the first time. Old-schoolers remember Gene Hackman’s scene-stealing turn as Luthor in 1978’s Superman, still Hollywood’s best take on the caped superbeing from Krypton. Animation geeks worth their salt know that Clancy Brown’s version of Supes’ archenemy lorded over both Superman: The Animated Series and Justice League, arguably becoming the best Luthor ever in the process.

While much of the chatter about Snyder’s Superman reboot has focused on its Man of Steel, Henry Cavill — as well as whether producer Christopher Nolan should keep Snyder on board, given the confused and eviscerated Sucker Punch — the dark horse remains whoever ends up bringing unrepentant screen-hog Lex Luthor to cinematic life this time around.

The two iconic characters have been mostly inextricable for decades. How their complicated power plays explode in the new millennium’s reinvigorated film franchise will be interesting to watch. But if Superman: The Black Ring is any indication, Nolan and Snyder might want to keep Luthor away for at least a film or two. The character’s complicated humanity, replete with boundless ambition and self-importance, can often be more compelling than Superman’s sweetly benevolent immortality.

“Lex Luthor is DC’s Tony Stark,” Cornell said. “And he’s only a couple of degrees away from being a hero. But that couple of degrees is all human failing. His tragedy is that he doesn’t understand that Superman, who he sees as such an alien, was raised to be a much better human being than he was.”

The hyperproductive Cornell is something of an authority on aliens, given that he’s written novels, comics and episodes for Doctor Who while penning more sci-fi novels, comics and fandom nonfiction than you can shake a sonic screwdriver at.

“The Doctor is kind of the British version of the American Superman,” Cornell said. “They’re both aliens who adopted our customs and yet can still see us as outsiders would.”

The main difference? The good Doctor doesn’t have a Lex Luthor to upstage him.

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A retcon for the ages: Lex Luthor, cake-taker!
From Superman #709 (art by Eddy Burrows)

It’s days like this that I regret not being a regular reader of Superman.

Via Dean Trippe, Rob Bricken and undoubtedly countless others comes this glorious panel from Superman #709, out now. If you don’t get the reference, then you’ve probably not experienced the wonder that is The Super Dictionary, a bizarre 1978 children’s book that used DC Comics superheroes to define some 4,000 words. (Also, you’ve probably not spent much time on Tumblr.)

Assembled by Warner Educational Services, the surreal 416-page book utilizes an image of Supergirl, I don’t know, winking at a rat to teach kids the word “ever,” and a shot of Joker ready to hurl a woman to her death to illustrate “scream.” And for “forty,” the lil’ ones get a purple jumpsuit-clad Lex Luthor making off with 40 cakes. And that’s terrible.

But with this week’s issue, Superman writer Chris Roberson does the previously inconceivable: He introduces that dark chapter from Luthor’s past into DC canon! And that’s fantastic.

What’s more, if Luthor’s cake-stealing actually happened in the post-Crisis DC Universe, so did Wonder Woman’s tug of war with a shoe-stealing whale, and Hawkman’s possible devouring of the Atom! To heck with Flashpoint — Roberson has created the launching point for the next big DC event.

From The Super Dictionary
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Superdictionary Challenge! - #1 Evil Big Damn Genius
Hilarious riff on the famous "Lex Luthor stole forty cakes!" image, detailing how that heist went down.
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A Box Called Time by Sage
The pair of portly, middle-aged utilities lobbyists were pole-dancing, the stripper was glad-handing the constituents, and Mercy was provoking the androgynous intern with whipcord lashes of her braid. It was, he thought, just another day in Washington. Except, of course, for the fact that Superman was flying endless figure eights between the Capitol and the Washington Monument (infinity-infinity-infinity-infinity), swooping ever faster in a purplish blur. Lex watched, enrapt, from the bulletproof, reinforced, third-story window, until he felt the floor drop out from beneath his feet.
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