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Letters to the Dead in Ancient Egypt - Ancient History Encyclopedia
"As Uziel points out, people with high self-control may doggedly pursue a goal even once it has stopped being personally meaningful. You might also make more effort to deliberately leave empty windows in your diary that allow greater spontaneity and indulgence (see “A lazy path to self-control”). . The gods had created a world of harmony, and all one needed to do in order to reach paradise in the next was to live a life worthy of eternity. If one made each day an exercise in creating a life one would wish to continue forever, founded on the concept of harmony and balance (which of course included consideration and kindness for one's neighbors), one could be confident of entry to paradise after death."

"Letters to the Dead date from the Old Kingdom (c. 2613 - 2181 BCE) through the Late Period of Ancient Egypt (525-332 BCE), essentially the entirety of Egyptian history. "

"Egyptologist Rosalie David notes how "requests found in the letters are varied: some sought help against dead or living enemies, particularly in family disputes; others asked for legal assistance in support of a petitioner who had to appear before the divine tribunal at the Day of Judgment; and some pleaded for special blessings or benefits" (282). The most often made requests, however, deal with fertility and birth through appeals for a healthy pregnancy and child, most often a son."

"Since the dead person retained their personal identity in the next world, one would write them using the same kinds of touches that had worked in life. If one had gotten their way through threats, then threats were used such as suggesting that, if one did not get one's wish, one would cut off offerings at the tomb. "
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6 days ago by pierredv
At Large - No. 1
> That gaze is a monolithic one: it’s the mass of readers I am potentially failing by writing something pretentious, boring and not worth their time. Everyone is watching! It had better be good! It's is the gaze that says: You can't write unless you're describing everything in the cellar.

​> And most of all, letters make me feel like I am reading things that were written to me and for me alone. And that's my favorite feeling in the world.

​> So maybe the privacy I’m talking about really is just trust, and the ability to write to someone you know will still love you despite your writing.

​> —I’m talking about a friend who loves you enough to edit your writing.
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8 days ago by jasdev
“Twelve chatty letters”
Cell-phone outage in Dingburg, but Zippy is quite at home with the printed (or handwritten) page.
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25 days ago by M.Leddy
Yours, J by swtalmnd
Bond sends letters. Q is vexed. Q-branch starts a betting pool. There are an appalling amount of sweets. Also, 002 is a bit of an arse.
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5 weeks ago by allhoneyboo
Before Envelopes, People Protected Messages With Letterlocking - Atlas Obscura
Fascinating the extent to which we employed secrecy even in the days of letters. Plus its recent and plus its pretty and clever.
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5 weeks ago by traggett

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