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Earned Value Analyse in agilen Projekten | ¡think!agile
Vorlage und Beispiel zur Erstellung einer Earned Value Analyse innerhalb agiler Projekte als Excel Vorlage mit automatisch erstellen Fortschrittsdiagrammen.
1960s  @codepo8  Aiviq  WSH  agil  agile  analyse  analysis  art  best  coach  earned  eva  excel  facebook  ifttt  less  master  objective-c  owner  practices  product  projektmanagement  safe  scrum  template  think  think!agile  thinkagile  twitter  twitterlink  value  vorlage 
24 days ago by schiko
Raspberry Pi 3 B+ WiFi Ethernet Bridge - Will Haley
The goal is to connect a desktop to a WiFi network via a Raspberry Pi. We will use a Raspberry Pi 3 B+ as a bridge between the desktop and the WiFi network. The...
raspberrypi  dhcp  wire  less  ip  table  server  dns  bridge 
5 weeks ago by ianweatherhogg

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