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Global Internet Race Finally Takes Off in Earnest - Nanalyze
SpaceX may seem to have the global internet race wrapped up. However, there are plenty of companies vying for a piece of the satellite internet market.
satellitel  LEO  constellation  spacex  oneweb  projectkuiper  2020 
5 days ago by stevesong
Opinion: Satellites and space debris are polluting our orbit. More than the stars are at stake - The Globe and Mail
Humanity has spent 60 years sending more and more advanced satellites into orbit and not bothering to clean up the junk. Now, private ventures threaten to make it worse – and unless we act, exploring and even seeing outer space will get much harder
satellite  LEO  constellation  space  debris  2020  commons 
10 days ago by stevesong
OneWeb launches 34 internet satellites into orbit to boost broadband megaconstellation | Space
A Soyuz rocket carrying 34 of OneWeb's broadband satellites lifted off today (Feb. 6) from Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, rising off the pad at 4:42 p.m. EST (2142 GMT).
OneWeb  launch  satellite  LEO  constellation  2020 
12 days ago by stevesong
UK’s OneWeb Awarded Satellite Communications Landing Rights In Nigeria - SpaceWatch.Global
The Nigerian Communicatons Commission (NCC) has released a list of 55 authorised space stations and the licensees allowed to provide satellite...
Africa  2020  Nigeria  satellite  LEO  constellation  OneWeb 
15 days ago by stevesong
SpaceX launches fourth batch of Starlink satellites, tweaks satellite design - SpaceNews.com
He said then that the company would like to keep Starlink satellites in orbit for four to five years before deorbiting and replacing them with newer, more capable models.
Starlink  2020  LEO  satellite  constellation  Spacex  launch 
19 days ago by stevesong
February 2020 - Heading into the LEO Revolution | Via Satellite
Despite the recent demise of LeoSat, the LEO market continues on unabated, with many ambitious plays still underway. But who is launching what, and when?
LEO  satellite  constellation  2020  Starlink  OneWeb  LEOSat  projectkuiper 
28 days ago by stevesong
The FCC's Approval of SpaceX's Starlink Mega Constellation May Have Been Unlawful - Scientific American
Scientific American is the essential guide to the most awe-inspiring advances in science and technology, explaining how they change our understanding of the world and shape our lives.
Starlink  LEO  satellite  constellation  2020  FCC  scientificamerican  legal 
4 weeks ago by stevesong
SpaceX Starlink satellites could be ‘existential threat’ to astronomy | New Scientist
Huge constellations of satellites like SpaceX’s Starlink could make ground-based astronomy impossible, and we’re running out of time to deal with the problem
satellite  2020  spacex  astronomy  leo  constellation 
5 weeks ago by stevesong
SpaceX Launches 60 Starlink Satellites, Nails Rocket Landing in Record-Breaking Flight | Space
A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launched 60 of the company's Starlink broadband internet satellites into orbit and landed back on Earth, making SpaceX the operator of a record-breaking 180 satellites in orbit today.
2020  LEO  satellite  constellation  starlink  spacex 
6 weeks ago by stevesong
Starlink Simulation Shows Low Latency Without Inter-Satellite Laser Links
Handley's simulation shows that, while not as fast as an equivalent ISLL path, long bent-pipe paths would typically have lower latency than terrestrial fiber routes between the same two points. Mark Handley, a professor at University College London, has made two terrific videos based on runs of his simulation of the first – 1,584 satellite – phase of SpaceX's Starlink Internet-service constellation. I discussed the first video, which assumes that the satellites have inter-satellite l...
starlink  2019  leo  constellation  latency  laser  groundstation 
6 weeks ago by stevesong
Amazon’s Project Kuiper satellite operation is moving to Redmond facility – GeekWire
Amazon says its Project Kuiper satellite operation has outgrown its current office space and is leasing and renovating 219,000 square feet of space in Redmond, Wash.
LEO  satellite  constellation  2019  projectkuiper 
8 weeks ago by stevesong

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