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Best Sony lenses 2019: 11 top lenses for Sony mirrorless cameras | TechRadar
If you've got a Sony mirrorless camera, these are the lenses you need to know about.
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4 days ago by kger
Rodenstock Large Format Lenses
Rodenstock APO-Ronar-CL 240/9 #10590979, barrel, single coated, flange, Ex++/Mint- $195.
Rodenstock Sironar-N 150/5.6 #10425329, MC, older Copal #0, front cap, Ex/Ex- $195.

Rodenstock APO Sironar-S 150/5.6 #11160593, 75*, MC, black Copal #0, caps, Mint $875.

Rodenstock APO-MACRO-Sironar 120/5.6 #11332149, 70*, 150mm image circle, Copal #0, caps, Mint/Mint- $895
shopping  lenses  largeformat  rodenstock 
5 days ago by bwiese
About Bill Moretz — ProCamera
Electronics engineer, builds pro systems with Bill Maxwell (physicist)
knowledgeable, precise, fix focus problems, reasonably priced, incredibly quick. Can modify the Deardorff camera or other backs to have the proper focus for addition of Maxwell screen

repair  service  camera  lenses  filmphotography  maxwellscreen 
8 days ago by bwiese
Five of our Favorite Weather Sealed Sony E Mount Lenses That are Splash Happy - The Phoblographer
There are some amazing weather sealed lenses on the Sony platform. Here are five of our favorites from primes to telephotos.
photography  sony  lenses  recommendations 
14 days ago by kger
4 Must Own Weather Sealed Lenses for Micro Four Thirds Cameras
If you're a Micro Four Thirds camera owner and are on the lookout for weather sealed lenses, these four should definitely be on your shopping list.
photography  lenses  recommendations  olympus  panasonic 
14 days ago by kger
Lenses – JavaScript Scene – Medium
A lens is a composable pair of pure getter and setter functions which focus on a particular field inside an object, and obey a set of axioms known as the lens laws. Think of the object as the whole…
functional  functionalprogramming  javascript  lenses  js  lens 
18 days ago by jonrandy
Nikkor Lenses for Large Format (2002-2004)
nikon  nikkor  largeformat  pdf  reference  lens  lenses 
19 days ago by bwiese

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