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Repairing and Maintaining Classic Cameras - Photoethnography.com's Classic Camera DB
Cleaning is the main way lenses are damaged. I've seen many, many lenses with "cleaning marks" and comparatively few with actual impact or abrasion damage. Cleaning damages lenses. Most people would be better off if they never cleaned their lenses - hence the popularity of "protective" UV filters that never come off.
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6 days ago by bwiese
How the 50-mm Camera Lens Became ‘Normal’
“The idea that a 50-mm best approximates human sight has more to do with the early history of lens production than any essential optical correspondence between the lens and the eye.”
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7 days ago by djwudi
Nikon 80-400mm AF-S VR Review
Ken Rockwell reviews his favorite lens.
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12 days ago by ironymark

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