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Is a shorter video length more engaging on Facebook? - NewsWhip
With three years of data to compare, we took a look at how each reaction compared to video length, and as it turns out, there isn’t much of a formula to emulate. People tend to care more about the content and it’s proven through our analysis that if people deem it worth watching, they don’t care how long they have to watch it.
Read more at https://www.newswhip.com/2019/03/video-length-engaging-facebook/#WMgHjGKRDxqBlGXZ.99
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10 days ago by paulbradshaw
Longer videos are powering Bloomberg's Instagram growth - Digiday
it has more success in longer videos. The publisher’s most-viewed videos, which get over 50,000 views, average 56 seconds, according to Tubular. The length limit on Instagram videos in the feed is 60 seconds. Since April 2018, it posted 450 videos between 30 seconds and 60 seconds, while only 110 at 30 seconds or less. Average views for videos between 30 and 60 seconds are over 30,000, while average views for videos under 30 seconds are much lower at 5,500, according to Tubular data.
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20 days ago by paulbradshaw
[1804.02318] How Constraints Affect Content: The Case of Twitter's Switch from 140 to 280 Characters
Authors: Kristina Gligorić, Ashton Anderson, Robert West v1), last revised 10 Apr 2018 (this version, v2)) Abstract: It is often said that constraints affect creative production, both in terms of form and quality. via Pocket
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november 2018 by ChristopherA
Brevity is the soul of Twitter: The constraint affordance and political discussion by Kokil Jaidka, Alvin Zhou, Yphtach Lelkes :: SSRN
Many hoped that social networks would allow for the open exchange of information and a revival of the public sphere. Unfortunately, conversations on social media are often toxic and not conducive to healthy political discussion. via Pocket
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november 2018 by ChristopherA
Mk3 X-axis belt length - Original Prusa i3 MK3 kit assembly - Prusa3D
belts for MK3 should be the same length as for MK2, therefore:
Y-axis: 650 mm
X-axis: 850 mm
prusa  mk3  belt  length  x  y  axis 
november 2018 by 44sunsets

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